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Hannah Brown’s Boyfriend Q&A

After an engagement and then a messy breakup on The Bachelorette, Alabama Hannah appears to finally be happy! Hannah Brown is now in a relationship and she can’t stop smiling!.

Here is the scoop on what Hannah’s new boyfriend and what he has to say about their relationship!

Who is Hannah Brown’s Boyfriend?

Hannah Brown
Instagram @hannahbrown

In Hannah’s video, the former beauty queen teases fans about her relationship. In the description Hannah writes, “Y’all have been asking, so here you go! Here’s a glimpse into my new relationship…but that’s all you get for now. ;)”

So, who is Hannah Brown dating? According to E! News Brown is dating model Adam Woolard.

A source close to Hannah tells E! News that the two, “instantly connected from the moment they met. He gives her butterflies, and she hasn’t been this happy in a very long time.”

The insider also says, “Hannah feels she has finally found someone who is on the same page as her. She could tell his intentions were pure and loves that Adam shares the same values. She also loves that he is involved in multiple charities and is just a straight up good guy.”

Relationship Q&A

In her new YouTube video, Hannah is reading her boyfriend’s answers to questions about their relationship! Hannah also reveals that the two got together because she “liked his photo first” but it was Adam who made “an actual move that made any ruckus.”

One of the sweetest answers Adam gives is his response to the question, “What’s something that Hannah’s taught you?” Woolard says, “How to fall in love.” After reading his answer a blushing Hannah says, That was so sweet.”

Answering, “What’s the nicest thing Hannah has done for you?” Adam responds, “Finally opened up to the idea of loving me.” For context, Hannah explains that she, “was just very hesitant, I don’t know why I’d be hesitant about love” and later explains, “it just took me a little bit.”

Throughout the Q&A Hannah can’t stop smiling and fans are so happy to see her so in love! Bachelor Nation fans are excitedly awaiting Hannah’s official boyfriend reveal, but in the meantime we will take what we can get!

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Hannah Brown

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