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Happiness Ever After: The Trouble With Love

Happiness Is a Four-Letter Word precedes Happiness Ever After. Both stories follow three women battling relationships while often meeting to vent amidst yoga classes. Happiness Ever After continues to follow the lives of Zaza (Khanyi Mbau) and Princess (Renate Stuurman) while introducing a new character named Zimkitha (Nambitha Ben-Mazwi).

Here’s the scoop on Happiness Ever After!

Vying For Princess

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In this film, Princess must combat the reappearance of Leo, the father of her child and her ex. Leo’s timing couldn’t be worse. Princess is just furthering her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Maxwell who proposes to her days after Leo visits her.

Maxwell quickly considers Leo to be his rival. The two create some troublesome banter trying to establish themselves as the alpha male. Leo states that he has mainly resurfaced with the pure intention to meet his daughter. Princess agrees that meeting Thandi is the only thing he will accomplish in relation to their previous relationship. Her best friend Zaza implies that Princess has a reputation for falling for Leo time and time again. She reminds Princess that Maxwell is a wonderful man who loves her dearly. It seems Zaza was onto something as Princess makes a huge mistake in her relationship and it all begins with Leo’s reappearance.

Zaza’s Fight

Max and Princess admire each other.

In the meantime, Zaza is dealing with chaos on her own. Her late husband’s sister is threatening to take their house for herself, leaving Zaza and her children on the streets. Zaza ignores her sister-in-law’s threats. She convinces herself that it wouldn’t be legally possible for Fakazile to take ownership of the house.

Fakazile acts conniving towards Princess. It becomes clear that Fakazile has a personal vendetta against her late brother’s widow. Zaza cracks it up to jealousy that Fakazile never found a partner of her own who would care for her the way her brother took care of Zaza.

Zimkitha And Yonda

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The new character, Zimkitha experiences a difficult breakup. Her fiance leaves her not long before their anticipated wedding date. She moves to a new town to find herself again after being hurt in her last relationship. At Princess’ art gallery, Zimkitha meets Yonda, a friend of Maxwell, who invites her to get something to eat with him. However, Zimkitha finds out that Yonda doesn’t have an interest in a serious relationship.

Yonda’s take on the value of relationships is degrading. He doesn’t want a relationship because he is protecting himself from being hurt as he has been in the past. Zimkitha feels that he should keep trying at relationships and find the person right for him. Zimkitha feels Yonda’s fight to boycott relationships shows that he doesn’t have faith in her or any woman.

Where It Ends

While the men of the story push away the women, they stand their ground until they are respected by their counterparts. In this way, the film is uplifting for women in half-hearted and one-sided relationships.

In Zaza’s case, her story concludes with facing Fakazile and calling her out on her unfair behavior. Fakazile’s mother plays a part in encouraging the women to be fair to each other and to honor her son’s name. Zaza and Fakazile are forced to remain cordial.

As is common in romance stories, the film concludes with happy endings all around. Yonda admits why he was hesitant to get too close to Zimkitha; he apologizes for his mistakes. Princess and Maxwell settle their differences and continue their relationship. Zaza and Fakazile agree to honor the late family man’s name and put an end to their bickering.

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