Harry Styles Calm App Collaboration Is A Dream Come True

Today on Twitter, Calm (a meditation app that helps users soothe anxiety/fall asleep) announced a collaboration with Harry Styles. Fans are freaking out and counting down the minutes until they can hear that gorgeous voice on the other side of their headphones. He could read a grocery list and fans would swoon!

His dedicated fan base has been dreaming about falling asleep to the sound of Harry’s voice since practically the beginning of time. There are about a million different fanfictions about it. From the looks of the picture, the rockstar recorded the audio in an outfit that looks like it could be handpicked by Niall himself. There is so much for his fans to freak out about and they are doing just that.

Harry Styles x Calm

The app’s Twitter account hinted the big news yesterday and fans went crazy! Of course, when HSHQ confirmed the news, they went crazier. Watermelon has become somewhat of a symbol for Harry since the release of his hit single, Watermelon Sugar. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you doing? Go. Seriously.

Fans of Harry have become super sleuths over the years and it didn’t them long to decode this message. He’s quite a sneaky guy who likes to take his fans by surprise, which has made them even more aware to his elusive ways- sorry, H!

We suspect that the subscriptions to Calm’s app are going to skyrocket tomorrow! Come on, tell me that’s not a voice you want to listen to for hours on end. I rest my case.

In true Harry Styles fashion, this exciting news came out of nowhere. While fans have grown accustomed to his love for surprises, the reactions are always the same- OMG! Though our hearts may never recover, fans are grateful for this piece of goodness in the midst of everything 2020 has thrown at us.

Relatable Fan Reactions to the Harry Styles x Calm Collaboration:

It seems that I, a 21-year-old woman, will have a book read to me every night for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your understanding at this time.


The accuracy of this statement…


This is the best version of this meme we’ve ever seen.


We love that our favorite Tik Tok/Youtube star is also a fellow fangirl.

This is not an exaggeration

Mom, I’m sorry. Now come listen to this.


Scientists are now saying that Harry Styles is the cure for nightmares.


They’re saying what we’re all thinking. How are we supposed to calm down?

The best use of this Lady Gaga meme ever.

Our very specific dreams of having Harry Styles read us a bedtime story every night before bed will now be a reality and fans of the heartthrob are forever grateful. Thank you Calm, for changing the bedtime game.

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