Top 10 Harry Styles Fashion Moments

Since his departure from boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has quickly established himself as a fashion icon. From fishnets to pearls, Mr. Styles has truly created a unique style that suits him perfectly. Why not listen to his new album while viewing these memorable Harry Styles fashion moments?

1. Met Gala 2019

Harry’s Met Gala look takes the top spot as this was the first time we got to witness Harry’s current obsession with pearls. See that lone pearl earring? That is a seriously cool fashion statement. The entire look is quite reflective of Harry’s ever-evolving unique style that makes us love him even more.

Harry Styles Met Gala
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

2. Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

 Rocking several cool outfits during his carpool with talk show host James Corden, Harry just can’t seem look bad in anything. Only Harry could wear a fish net tank top and make us swoon.

Carpool Karaoke with James Corden
(Image: GQ)

3. Harry’s Hair

Way back in 2014, Harry Styles gave us a glimpse at his gorgeous long locks. Of course, he rocked the long hair look. This style lasted for a couple of years until he cut it off in 2016. Thankfully, we still have these images to remind us just how good Harry looked with shoulder-length hair.

Harry long hair
(Photo by Brian Rasic/WireImage)

4. “Fine Line” Album

Dawning a fuchsia blouse, Harry continues to melt our hearts with this awesome album cover for his new record “Fine Line.” Seriously though, who else could look so handsome high-waisted white pants with hot pink suspenders? No one, that’s who. (Check out this super cool Starbucks reusable cup featuring the coolest Harry Styles decal.)

Harry Styles Fast Line cover art
(Image: Press)

5. Harry’s Nail Art

Since 2019, fans have been fortunate enough to witness Harry’s new look with painted finger nails. At many appearances, he can be seen with a variety of nail polish colors adorning his hands. This moment, however, is possibly the best example of how cute Harry looks with decorated nails.

Harry Styles nail art
(Image: The Guardian)

6. Today Show Concert

Harry recently performed several songs off his new album at the Today Show where he wore a pale pink blazer, blue top, and polka dot tie. Plus, he looked like he was having the time of his life performing on stage, and the polka dot tie couldn’t have made him look any more adorable.

Harry in pink blazer
(Image: Page Six)

7. iHeartRadio Event

Giving us major 70s vibes, Harry wore a uniquely patterned suit with a white ascot a la Fred from “Scooby Doo”. Harry seems to transcend time with these outfits inspired by decades past, and we are loving every moment of it.

Harry Styles black and red patterned suit
(Image: FashionSizzle)

8. Perfect in Pearls

There are so many fashion moments to choose from for number eight, but I had to go with Harry’s outfit from the red carpet at a Sirius XM event earlier this year. The Peter Pan collar paired with pearls makes for a super sweet look for Mr. Styles. Get the look with a pearl necklace of your own.

Harry in pearls and Peter Pan collar
(Image: Seventeen Magazine)

9. Harry’s Hats

A few years ago, Harry seemed to be quite the fan of wide brim fedora hats, and he looked ahhmazing in them. Sadly, we haven’t seen him in a hat like this recently, but at least we have this picture to remind us of this wonderful time in Harry’s fashion evolution.

Harry Styles hats
(Image: Rebloggy)

10. “Juice” Cover Performance

If you haven’t seen this video, then you need to head to YouTube immediately. Harry’s cover of Lizzo’s “Juice” may just be the best thing you watch all day. Plus, he looks effortlessly cool in a Harry Styles merchandise tee, suspenders, and pearl necklace.

Harry in suspenders and concert tee
(Image: Pitchfork)

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