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HBO Spanish and English Comedy, Los Espookys in one to watch
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The HBO show Los Espookys premiered on HBO a year ago and I cannot stop thinking about it. The series was confirmed for season two, but it will most likely be postponed due to current events. So while we’re waiting let’s discuss what is so amazing about this show!

It Makes a Spanish Spoken Show Accessible

Many viewers avoid content that requires subtitles. English content literally surrounds us at all times and it is easy to access. Some people are unaware that Latinx media is more than telenovelas. Being a Spanish speaking comedy, produced by prominent American actor, Fred Armisen, it is bringing Latin media to new groups of people! I’ve had many friends uninterested in watching international content gravitate to Los Espookys.

Also, it reflects how Spanish speakers actually talk. The characters switch between Spanish and English demonstrating what bilingualism looks like. Usually, when shows are translated it strays from the literal due to phrases that don’t directly translate. However, these are almost always on the nose- a task that isn’t easy. Writer and series lead, Julio Torres puts it best “It’s not an American show pretending to be a Latin American show. It’s both“.

I Can’t Stress Enough How Funny It Is

Los Espookys follows a group of friends obsessed with horror as they create their own scaring business for hire. You can check out the official synopsis here! It is hilarious as you watch them pretend to be deep-sea monsters, aliens, and gain possession of enchanted mirrors. Co-creator, Torres possesses a sense of humor that thrives on specificity, and he integrates that so strongly in Los Espookys.

I won’t spoil the ongoing bits that happen throughout the season. But I will give you a taste of my favorite. Tati, played by Ana Fabrega, holds a series of odd jobs to support herself. Jobs include breaking in other people’s shoes, spinning the blades on a broken fan, and counting other people’s steps for them.

The theatricality on Los Espookys is simply *chefs kiss* perfection. Its perfection executes dramatizations and combines deadpan humor with over-the-top vibrant moments.

And while each character shares the same ethnicity, the show doesn’t reduce the characters to their only storyline being Latinx. It is about people who are passionate and hard workers who happen to be Latinx.

HBO’s Los Espookys is a fresh comedic take that everyone can enjoy. Keep your eyes out for season two!

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