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Healthy 3 Ingredient Pancakes Recipe

Love pancakes but are wanting to spruce it up with a healthier option? Then this recipe is perfect for you! It’s so delicious you’ll be wanting it every morning!

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods. But, they’re a little more sugary than what I usually go for in the morning, and they leave me feeling overly full and a little bloated. This recipe has seriously helped with that! These pancakes are delicious and healthy at the same time.

These pancakes are so easy and fast! It’s the perfect addition to your morning routine. With only 3 ingredients it’s the perfect combination of bananas, oats, and eggs! It only takes 8 minutes to prep and 5-7 minutes to cook!

These pancakes are super fast, making them perfect for a quick breakfast. This recipe yields about two pancakes, depending on what size you make them. They’re especially filling if you add toppings like the walnuts and almond butter. You can also freeze the cooked ones to eat at a later time. Prep, cook, & enjoy!


1 banana

1/4 cup of oats

1 large egg


First, peel your banana and mash it up in a medium sized bowl.

Second, blend up your 1/4 cup of oats! I put mine in the nutribullet and it works just fine. You want them to be a flour-like consistency.

Third, add blended up oats and egg to the bowl with the smashed banana and mix until it’s a batter-like consistency. TIP: If the batter needs to be thicker, just add a little extra oat flour.

Fourth, place the pancakes in a lightly greased pan over medium heat. TIP: Add walnuts to the batter for a little crunch and some healthy fats.

Lastly, cook until golden brown.


I top mine with almond butter for extra protein and maple syrup. But you can top yours with whatever you like; strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips or whipped cream!

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Yield: 2-3 pancakes

Healthy 3 Ingredient Pancakes

Healthy 3 Ingredient Pancakes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes


  • 1 banana
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup oats


  1. Mash your banana in a medium bowl
  2. Blend your oats into a flour-like consistency
  3. Add the egg and the blended oats to the bowl with the mashed banana and mix
  4. Lightly grease a pan and add your batter
  5. Cook over medium heat and flip until golden brown
  6. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

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