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Healthy Eating: How Healthy is Too Healthy?

We tend to associate dieting with eating healthily, as though they are one in the same. But is this true? Or could, you severely damage your health, simply be aiming to lose weight or get in shape. Actually, it is possible that a ‘healthy’ diet could be bad for you in certain situations. Let’s look at the possibilities here and try to understand why it’s important not to fall into some of these traps.

Danger Of Healthy Foods

You might think that if you eat healthy foods like vegetables, you aren’t putting your health in any danger. But is this true? Actually, it’s quite possible that vegetables can be dangerous due to GMOs. If you don’t know what GMOs are, you may want to look into it. According to sites like, GMOs could be quite dangerous. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and they are usually changed to grow larger to feed more people and give greater profits.

Unfortunately, the effects of GMOs on humans are still unknown. While testing is still ongoing, it’s entirely possible that they can cause serious medical issues. That’s why if you truly want to eat healthily, consuming plenty of veg isn’t enough. You should really be growing it yourself too as this is the only way to make sure it hasn’t been altered.

Liquid Diets

Famously or infamously, Lily James was put on a liquid diet to fit into a dress for the live action version of Cinderella. She spoke of it multiple times in interviews and stated the reason was for her to capture the look of a cartoon princess come to life. Of course, cartoons aren’t drawn to resemble imperfect humans and they were aiming for a tiny waist. Liquid diets have become more popular recently in society as a way to drop those pounds. And, people often rely on smoothies to stay in shape, often substituting them for typical meals. has some more information about these types of diets.

While this might seem like a healthy option or a good way to drop the pounds it can be quite dangerous. You are radically changing the way the body naturally consumes food and ignoring evolutionary trends. One thing is for certain, it will definitely impact your bowel movements.

Cutting Foods Out

It is possible to raise your kids vegan from birth. Or on, what PETA describes as a cruelty-free diet. But it has to be carefully monitored to ensure they are getting all the proteins, minerals and vitamins that their body desperately needs to grow. It should be carefully regulated, and this is important when you remove any type of food your body needs from your diet. You have to replace it with an alternative. That’s why if you are planning on using a specialized diet, you should consult a nutritionist first. Sites such as have more information about the dangers of veganism for kids.

A nutritionist will be able to tell you what your body is losing by cutting out wheat, dairy or gluten from your diet and find the best replacement for it. For instance, if you’re losing your source of protein from meat, you should consider eating more nuts like almonds. They are packed full of protein.

I hope you see now how dieting can actually be dangerous to your health and why you must always be careful before making a change to your lifestyle like this.

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