Hidden Broadway Gem: Every Little Step

Calling all theatre fans! Sadly, because of COVID-19, you may have fallen into a drought, lacking your fix of Broadway shows and content. Well, if you’re looking for something theatre-related to dive into, here is your perfect opportunity! “Every Little Step” on Amazon Prime is here to help.

What Is It?


“Every Little Step” is a 2009 documentary following the audition process for the 2006 revival of “A Chorus Line.” Primarily, the film goes through about a year of auditions, callbacks, and final decisions. Also, the audience gets to hear from some of the actors auditioning, from those cut in the very beginning to those who make it until the end. Additionally, there are private interviews with the directors, many of which were close to the original director, Michael Bennett. Throughout, the film tracks the history and origins of the show, “A Chorus Line.

Why You Should Watch


First off, whether you know everything or nothing about “A Chorus Line,” this documentary is a ball to watch. Not only do you get a special look into the audition process of a Broadway musical, but you also get sneak peeks into the origins of the legendary show from people who were there in 1976. Plus, “Every Little Step” delves plenty into the iconic choreography and music, which truly becomes mesmerizing, even in the audition stages. So, if you have any interest in Broadway, this documentary is for you!

Special Extras


For me, there were a few characteristics of “Every Little Step” that made it truly special. First, I became very connected to the people auditioning for the show. In many cases, there were two or three people vying for one role and I definitely felt myself rooting for one or both of them. Even being unfamiliar with the show, I quickly caught onto the characters and formulated my own opinions. Next, the documentary definitely journeys into Broadway in the ’70s, which I believe was a very special time. So many amazing musicals came out of the decade and this film definitely shows the creative process that “A Chorus Line” went through back then. Plus, I think they do a great job giving the necessary background while also creating a nostalgic, emotional tone.

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All Broadway fans should check out “Every Little Step!” I had a wonderful experience and I hope I can spread the magic of theatre to others, especially during this difficult time. “Every Little Step” is available on Amazon Prime now.

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