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Holiday Gift Guide for Health and Wellness

Unsure what to gift your friends this holiday season? Look no further! Here is the ultimate holiday gift guide to help you shop for health and wellness-themed gifts.

Life & Apples Wellness Planner

Wellness journal Health & Wellness gift guide

The Life & Apples Wellness Planner is a daily planner for those who want to keep track of healthy living and motivation. The wellness planner includes a guided agenda and affirmations as well as a fitness tracker and habit schedule. It is made from vegan and eco-friendly materials, so it is a great gift for friends as well as the planet. Also, it is available in rose gold and black!

Price: $24.99

CBD Pain Relief Boxed Set

Receptra Joint Pain Box Set Health and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Receptra’s Pain Relief CBD Boxed Set is the perfect gift to help people with active lifestyles to battle joint pain and stay on the move. It includes their Serious Relief 33 + turmeric tincture and Serious Relief Targeted Topical™ Stick for optimal comfort and recovery. Also, this set comes in holiday-exclusive packaging so it makes a stunning gift for the season.

Price: $109.99

KT Tape

KT Tape Health & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

KT Tape products are perfect for athletes of all kinds! The KT Tape Pro is kinesiology tape that relieves muscle pain and it also provides support for tough workouts. KT Performance+ Blister Prevention Tape is great for helping precent blisters and chafing, and also target hot spot formation. It is smaller strips of tape so it’s perfect to use for new shoes! Next, the KT TAPE Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball is the perfect massage roller ball that offers hot and cold therapy. And finally, KT Recovery + Pain Relief Gel Roll-On targets pain at the source and provides relief for everything from sprains and bruising to arthritis. It’s non-toxic and paraben-free and it dries clear!

Price: $19.99-KT Tape Pro; $9.99-KT Performance + Blister Prevention Tape; $39.99- Kt Recovery + Ice/Heat massage Ball; $15.99- KT Recovery + Pain Relief Gel Roll-On

Maisie Lane Co. Journal

Maisie Lane CO Journal

Maisie Lane Co. journals are beautiful bullet journals for anyone looking for an organization and creativity outlet. Each journal is 192 white dotted pages and comes with a Maisie Lane Co. ruler to help with creating your perfect journaling experience. These journals come in beautiful colors like Poppy Pink, Forager Green, Sunflower Yellow and more! Also, shoppers can personalize the journals for an additional $5, so you can make the gift extra special!

Price: $24

Six Feet Away

Six feet Away gift guide health and wellness

Six Feet Away is an Oregon-based brand bringing fashion to function with stylish accessories that promote social distancing and healthy practices. Their Refillable Sanitizer Keychain is made of vegan leather and comes with a sturdy clip to keep your hands free and clean on the go. The “Six Feet Away” Cotton Face Mask is constructed with a filter pocket to protect yourself and others. The “Please Stay Six Feet Away” Tote Bag is cute and functional while reminding others to keep a safe distance, and it is also made of organic cotton. And finally, the “Six feet Away” Silicone Bracelet is a fundraiser item with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross. All of these products are great gifts to help your loved ones stay safe this holiday season.

Price: $10.79-Refillable Sanitizer Keychain; $5.99-“Six feet Away” Cotton face Mask; $9.59-“Please Stay Six feet Away” Tote Bag; $1.00-“Six feet Away” Silicon Bracelet

Joy Journal

J.O.Y. Journal for health and wellness

The J.O.Y. (Just Own You) Journal is a fun activity book for girls! Created by a mother and daughter team, the J.O.Y. Journal is designed to encourage girls to showcase their talents, develop confidence, and practice self-love! This entertaining journal is the perfect gift to help girls celebrate their individuality and enhance their mental health, because a healthy mind is important at any age!

Price: $19.95

Planner Stickers

Goldmine and Coco stickers

Goldmine and Coco has beautiful Planner Girl Doll Stickers that are perfect for girl bosses staying organized with a stylish planner. Organization is a big help for mental health and wellness, so why not have a beautiful and inspiring planner? Shoppers can choose from a variety of stunning designs and personalize the skin tones of each sticker. There is also a selection of Trunk Pieces Decorative Stickers featuring fierce outfits and accessories!

Price: $4.50 for Planner Girl Doll Stickers; $5 for Trunk Pieces Decorative Stickers

BATCH Holiday Bundle

BATCH Holiday Bundle gift

The BATCH Holiday Bundle is the perfect selection of CBD products for someone looking to try different forms of CBD. The bundle includes the following: CBD oil 1 oz tincture (1000+ mg concentration), 2oz CBD lotion, 2oz CBD muscle gel, CBD relief balm (topical relief in a no-mess, roll-up tube), 3 25mg CBD gummies, and 3 50mg CBD soft-gel capsules. This bundle is a great gift for all CBD enthusiasts!

Price: $119

All of these products will make great holiday gifts for friends and family into health and wellness. From journals to CBD products, there is something for everybody!

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