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“Hollywood Stargirl” is a Marvelous Dream -Movie Review

Hollywood Stargirl is a romantic teen drama that follows the aspiring dreams of Stargirl. This rom-com is the sequel to the 2020 film, Stargirl directed by Julia Hart. The story follows Stargirl and her mother, Ana as they move to Los Angeles. Due to her mother’s job as a costume designer, Stargirl is unable to stay in one place for too long. When she starts to become attached to her new friends, leaving California is the last thing she wants.

Starring Grace VanderWaal, Elijah Richardson, Tyrel Williams, and Uma Thurman, Hollywood Stargirl is a beautiful representation of sharing dreams with the people you love the most.

Here is the scoop on Hollywood Stargirl!

Growing Attached

Roxanne and Stargirl
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Stargirl finds herself moving around the country due to her mother’s job as a costume designer. She becomes hesitant to grow close to anyone with the fear that she has to move again. But her unreserved personality tends to draw people in, even her timid neighbor. While her mother, Ana, is busy working on costumes for a movie, Stargirl is approached by a boy named Evan who thinks she might be the perfect female lead for his first film with his brother. Hollywood Stargirl flawlessly depicts growing friendships and finding your place amongst your loved ones.

Ambitions & Aspirations

Hollywood Stargirl
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This Disney film is all about taking a hold of your dreams even if you think they may be out of reach. Stargirl moves to Los Angeles and is immediately approached by two brothers who spend time at a local bar. Before revealing her voice on stage, Stargirl was used to staying confined in her room singing with her ukulele. She soon learns that Los Angeles has a plethora of opportunities for her if she approaches the right people.

Her humming of a song from her favorite musician’s album plants the seeds for not only her success in Hollywood but as well as the two brothers. Working alongside someone who inspires you is a dream that may not seem realistic but Hollywood Stargirl makes it possible.

Romantic Moments

Evan and Stargirl in love
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From the first time that Stargirl and Evan meet, it is already assumed that the two will become more than friends. Their first time meeting nudges at famous romance movies where the man serenades the woman outside her window except in reverse. As they work on a song and the movie together, Evan and Stargirl develop a strong connection that will leave viewers swooning.

Stargirl’s Mother

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Although Hollywood Stargirl centers on the relationships and dreams of Stargirl, her mother is also an interesting character that receives attention for being a single mother. It is through Stargirl, that she learns that running away from the problem is not always the solution.

Watch Hollywood Stargirl exclusively on Disney+ on June 3rd!

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  1. Ruined by the terrible casting of the 2 brothers. Rest of the cast was great but brothers were just not believeable in the role and there was zero chemistry between love interests.

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