Home Upgrades That Are Also Very Practical

by Sarah Ruhlman

When we think of upgrading or renovating our homes, we often think of giving it a facelift. A new lick of paint, remodeling some of the cladding, perhaps purchasing some new furniture. All is well and good if this is the way you prefer to do things. There is no ‘right’ way to choose your best renovation, outside of the practical worth of good or bad renovation work itself.

But sometimes, you might be looking for more. Perhaps your investment is something you wish to help you appreciate your home while also opening up another practical use for your home space, something that can make the most difference during your years living at that property. For example, a landscape architect might help renovate your garden to provide more of a platform for a pond in which you may keep ducks one day. 

It’s no great sin to dream big, and to want the best for your property. As such, we think that the following advice can help you achieve the home of your dreams, while also serving practical ends:

A Garden Patio

It could be that through services such as John McCarter Construction, you are able to completely rejuvenate your exterior area, as well as how that influences your interior remodel through the flow of design. A beautiful home addition such as a garden deck, patio or segmented entertainment area could help you finally invite your guests round ready for when the weather starts to become warmer again. Measuring the dimensions, committing to work that is stable, in keeping with the future bloom of your garden and also large and strong enough to hold entertainment staples such as furniture or barbecuing equipment could be a great thing to plan for the future.

A Wet Room

For some, it can be that having a bath unit joined against the wall or a bathtub isolated at the side of a bathroom can look quite bad, and in some spaces a segmented shower unit can seem just a little off putting. In this case, a wet room could be the perfect solution for many. A wet room is simply a bathroom or solo shower that is mostly completed tiled, allowing for a shower to take place without any floor unit. It can open up the space, and also be quite a convenient option for those who need to help their young children shower in a space comfortable enough for them. With cleaning products and a squeegee to move the excess water, it can also remain a hygienic and convenient means of getting clean. 

A Fireplace

Many homes have stuffed-up fireplaces, remnants from owners who perhaps didn’t want to continuously clean a fireplace or pay for the renovative work that is needed from time to time. But doing so could not only open up your living space, it could help your home stay warm, give you a place to store firewood, and also feel absolutely wonderful to sit next to on a cold winter morning or evening. A fireplace can make a real difference and so we would very much recommend making use of whatever space you have for this. Most homes have potentially functional chimneys, so the potential is likely there.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy home upgrades that are also exceedingly practical in their nature.

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