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“Hotel Del Luna” Korean Drama Review

The Korean drama, “Hotel Del Luna” features the talented K-pop artist IU and the famous actor Yeo Jin goo. “Hotel Del Luna” is the perfect K-drama for fans of romance and ghost stories!

The series is written by the Hong Sisters, Hong Jung eun and Hong Mi ran, and directed by Oh Choong-hwan with executive producer Kim Kyu-tae. Last year, this fun and inventive show revived the reputation of Korean storytelling and expanded the global audience!

With amazing actors like singer-actress IU credited as Lee Ji-eun the owner of Hotel Del Luna, Yeo Jin-goo as the manager of Hotel Del Luna, Lee Joon-gi, Park Yoo na, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Yi sook, and Block B’s P.O and great main characters this show is for everyone! Catch this show on the South Korean television station tvn! You will love it from the first episode to the final episode!

Here is the scoop on this unique drama with lots of dead people and heart!


Jang Man-Wol, played by Lee Ji-eun, is a girl who was born during the Joseon era. Her demeanor clashes with others resulting in her having a lot of enemies. She finds it hard to agree with the higher class decisions, so Jang Man-Wol’s willingness to rebel causes her to elicit a strong sense of hatred for the people who have betrayed her.

Furthermore, her overflowing amount of hatred becomes the fuel to killing people that come after her. Afterward, Jang Man-Wol comes across a spirit tree where she becomes bound to for hundreds of years to make up for the sins she committed.

As a part of making up for her punishment, Jang Man Wol turns into the CEO of the old Hotel Del Luna, previously names Guest House of the Moon, and helps guests who have died rest before passing over. Much to the surprise of Koo Chan Sung, the hotel guests are not alive. Humans can only come to the hotel under special circumstances, so the guests are all dead souls with unfinished business.

But what happens when a man by the name of Gu Chan sung appears? His father made a deal with Jang Man wol years earlier, so now Gu Chan has to be the hotel manager. Will he help the owner of Hotel Del Luna see past the anger and hatred she has felt in her past life to reveal her true form? You’ll have to watch to find out!

This timeless story has everything you could want including a curious hotel, a suspicious soul, an evil spirit, best friends, a strategic partnership, a serial killer, a good doctor, Ma Go and Grim Reaper, a lunar eclipse, and the youngest employee of a multinational hotel corporation ever!

K-drama fans will love this popular k-drama series that’s making cable television history! It’s no wonder this became one of the highest rated tvn drama series ever!

“Hotel Del Luna” Review

Hotel Del Luna is unlike any k-drama we’ve ever seen before! The brilliant mixture of romance in the human world and the supernatural will make you dream about living inside this k-drama world! This 2019 k-drama offers countless opportunities to become used to the characters to where we became so attached to them that it was hard to see them go. If you fall in love with the characters, be prepared to cry multiple times.

The Korean drama “Hotel Del Luna” garners so many layers that it’s difficult not to give away any spoilers about the popular series. The intense scenes of love and violence keep us rooting for the characters from start to end of this un expected case! Furthermore, we wouldn’t mind visiting Hotel Del Luna for the handsome Goo Chan Sung and the beautiful family bond they have developed. Don’t we all wish to have such a strong bond between colleagues?

Why Audiences Will Love “Hotel Del Luna”

There are so many great aspects about the Korean drama Hotel Del Luna. One thing to love is the strong female lead as the hotel owner. Popular South Korean artist IU and IU’s fellow co-star Yeo Jin-goo are really great together. Also the relationship between the owner of Hotel Del Luna and her youngest assistant manager is great!

The production team did a really great job as well, the shoe is very visually satisfying.

There are strong performances from all cast members. Lee Ji-eun, Yeo jin-goo, Jung dong-hwan, Shin Jung-geun, and Bae Hae-sun are all standout performers. Shin Jung Geun does a great job as Kim Seon-bi, a character who lived during the Joseon dynasty. Also, Pyo Ji hoon is great as Ji Hyun joong.

This show is entertaining from start tofinish! Whether you are studying for a state exam, listening to your favorite songs by Park Hyun Bin, or binge watching all of your favorite K-dramas, this show is great way to relax!

The Future of “Hotel Del Luna”

In 2020 the production company Studio Dragon announced an American adaptation of Hotel Del Luna to be made with Skydance media. Subsidiary studio dragon companies include Culture Depot, GTIST, and Hwa&Dam Pictures. Fans are so grateful to Alison Schapker, and the head of Studio Dragon like Miky Lee, Jinnie Choi and Hyun Park (the same hyun park of cj enm) and the Skydance television team like David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost for making this happen!

Hopefully these companies will start more development projects we love just as much as this original series!

Also, there is going to be a musical remake that will preform as a stage musical in 2022! This popular fantasy drama is clearly taking the world by storm. Everyone loves this series so much that it’s helping end global division. You can watch the show all over the world from South Korea to Los Angeles and see the more global appeal of our local stories!

Special thanks to Hong Jeong-Eun and Hong Mi-ran for making this great show!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.