7 Best House Cleaning Tips

Getting your home cleaned fast is one of the best feeling accomplishments. Once you’ve got all of your essential chores out of the way, you’re free to do your own thing. Kick back and relax. Enjoy yourself! But do you find that housekeeping takes you a lot longer than it should these days?

These 7 quick tips will help you to get it done ASAP:

Carry Your Tools Around With You

You don’t want to have to run backwards and forwards looking for the right tools to do the job. Make sure you carry your tools around with you, and you can grab whatever you need whenever you need it. You’ll get the job done faster and better this way. You could invest in a cleaning apron or even a little trolley!

Skip The Small Stuff And Focus On The Big Picture

Give yourself permission to skip the small stuff every now and again, focusing only on the bigger picture. Maybe don’t dust every ornament in the house, instead focusing on the things that really matter. They will need doing occasionally, but not every day, or even every week. Dropping things like this can save lots of time.

Don’t Back Track

Avoid backtracking, and only leave a room when you’re really done with it. Set up a routine that works for you where you can make your way from room to room until you finish the whole house!

Keep Clutter At Bay

Keep clutter at bay so you don’t have so much to work through after a little while. Letters can be a big source of clutter, but many people have a habit of hoarding things too. When you get a letter, decide what to do with it right away. Don’t just put it to one side. Ask yourself each day if there’s anything you can get rid of to make space.

Focus Only On The Task At Hand

Keep your phone away from you and the TV off so you can really concentrate. If you want to, have some motivational music on. But make sure you stay focused!

Assign Tasks To Family Members

If you live with your family, then make sure you assign tasks for them to do too. You don’t want to have to carry the burden alone; it’s everybody’s job. Assign tasks based on age and ability level. Even if they don’t do a great job at first, it can get them into the habit of helping out. Start kids off as soon as you can, and set up a reward chart for certain tasks to save even more time. Make sure you have some compulsory tasks they don’t get rewards for too though, or they might always expect something in return.

Get Help

If you’re busy, getting help could be another option to explore. You might be surprised at how affordable a housekeeping company actually is. Think to yourself, is the money more important to you, or the time?

Hopefully these 7 quick tips help you get things done as fast as you can!

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