How Do You Know a Virgo Man Likes You: 20 Signs

A Virgo man is mature, selfless, and very witty. He can be a bit serious but also likes fun too. But how do you know a Virgo man likes you?

If he likes you, you’ll know it! He will let you see all his qualities to the fullest.

The Virgo man has the ability to absorb the best traits and notices special little details about others, so if these are positive traits, they get amplified in him.

This means that this guy knows how to put others at ease and get them relaxed about themselves so that their good points shine through.   

Virgo men like to create order in their life, whether it’s about cleaning up around the house or just making sure that things are in their proper place.

This is a sign of how he treats himself. Once you get to be close with him, you too will get the best treatment from him.

It is a true pleasure to be able to get to know this sun sign! He always has something interesting and fun to talk about, so pay close attention.

He has an uncanny ability to see the world in a different light, and he always tries to push his mind toward something new. If you find someone who is just as willing to learn from you, then your happiness will be limitless. 

There are still some people out there taking the Virgo man for granted. But even when you’re serious about changing that, how do you know a Virgo man likes you?

Here’s the scoop on 20 signs a Virgo man likes you!

What The Virgo Man Likes

Star Sign Virgo
Star Sign Virgo
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This guy will show clear signs when he wants a romantic relationship with you. He will skip the small talk and say what he feels.

This is because he does not like lying or even withholding information (and keeping Virgo man secrets). However small it might be; for him, honesty is always the best policy, hence he doesn’t believe in sugar-coating anything.

He is extremely observant and picks up on the smallest details about any person he meets. You can be sure that he will observe your behavior and mannerisms very carefully too.

This could be a double-edged sword. But use this quality to your advantage! Don’t let him figure out how much you like him unless you want to reveal it to him yourself!   

The Virgo man likes art and beauty. He pays attention to small details, which he does not readily show because of his shyness; Instead, he likes to keep everything simple and classy, as opposed to loud or colorful (he likes colors – just not bright ones).

A Virgo man likes quiet activities. This could be reading, cooking, or watching something at home, especially if there is someone special in his life to share it with.   

What The Virgo Man Hates

The Virgo zodiac sign hates being deceived or patronized, so if you are trying to seduce him, remember that you will have to do small things. Try using your sense of humor and being able to engage him in intelligent conversations.

He is very shy initially! But once he gets comfortable around someone, one of the sure signs of Virgo man likes you is that he opens up rapidly.

If you can be that person for him, then everything should work out well; otherwise, don’t ever expect this man to come chasing after you, because the Virgo zodiac sign never does!

The Virgo man is extremely organized, likes personal space, and loves sticking to timetables (he always has one), which could make his life rather dull at times; but chaos drives him up the wall!

So, if you want to keep his attention, the best way is to bring a bit of spontaneity into your life on a regular basis and he will appreciate it too.

Beginning a serious relationship with a Virgo male may push you out of your comfort zone, but it is a good idea. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a great relationship because of fear.

How To Attract The Virgo Man

The Virgo man is quite different from the other zodiac signs because he hates lies. Even little things like white lies or exaggerations; so never say anything about yourself that you don’t really mean.

Don’t show off, but instead talk about what you have done. Do this without making too many claims for yourself either. There are lots of signs of Virgo man liking you, so once you get his attention he will let you know.

This earth sign would love someone who is sweet and can hold on to conversations. He does not like frivolous talks at all with opposite signs; just be responsible and mature and let him see that there’s stability in your life before he decides that you’re worth his time!

He has an analytical mind and is very logical in his approach. So, if you want to impress him, make sure everything sounds reasonable.

It’s important to not be dramatic with your emotions (he has a hard time with people who are really emotional!).

Be the best version of yourself, and don’t involve yourself too much in things that don’t concern you; this quality will keep him interested enough in you! Pay close attention to the following signs to see if he likes you.

Simple Signs He Likes You

So, after that being said, here are some signs of a Virgo man showing interest in you!

If his conversations with you are always intellectual and never boring, then there is a high chance that the Virgo man is smitten by a lot of things you do.   

When he really likes someone, he will make an effort to come across as cool around them. This means fewer awkward moments for both of you!

If this quality is one of his good points, it only means that he has accepted your presence in his life. You will be able to tell by his body language!   

Witty conversations are what keeps him interested in the relationship; if talks between the two of you are low on substance or even downright silly, then try playing hard to get for a while instead. He will strive to impress you and make the first move, especially if things aren’t going too well!   

This man is very self-conscious and will rarely leave a chance to talk about himself; he is not an attention seeker in any way.

If you make him feel special or treat him like someone special with romantic gestures (without the ‘boyfriend’ tag) and he isn’t in a relationship with anyone else, then take it as a big thumbs up from his side. This might mean he wants you to stick around forever!   

It’s usually obvious when someone hates your guts or has nothing but contempt for you; so if your Virgo man gives no hints of dislike towards you, it means that he really likes you and sees potential in the future too!   

How To Make A Virgo Man Interested In You

If you are single and use social media, then there is a good chance that you are looking for ways to attract the Virgo man.

This type of guy seems like the perfect match for most women. However, there are some things that might seem simple on paper but may not hold true in real life.

So, how can you make him interested in you?

The Virgo man is extremely attentive to details. He hates being surrounded by chaos, and a major issue is people who cannot keep their lives together. It may be difficult to impress him if your lifestyle isn’t up to his high standards. After all, he is a mutable sign (prone to change).

If he sees potential in you, this is a different story! He will stick around without caring about what’s happening around him. This is because unlike other men his age, the Virgo guy wants something more than just physical contact.

He will take care of those finer details, so that’s a sure sign he likes you! He wants to get in touch with his true feelings and find the love of his life.

In case he is already in a relationship, try being a bit more passive about your attraction towards him. The Virgo man loves someone who can show the presence of mind.

Something which holds true for all kinds of men from this zodiac sign is dedication. No matter what, the Virgo guy will always choose work over personal life. That is, if he feels that your past wouldn’t hamper his present or future.

When The Virgo Man Likes You

As much as these signs will help you build up hope, remember this guy takes things slow. That’s what he always does!

If he isn’t rushing into anything (and keeps his emotions to himself), then he might be unsure of the whole situation. He doesn’t play mind games and tends to desire a deep love and a lasting relationship.

Don’t think too much about it though, because you might just ruin things if you do. Believe you are in the right place at the right time.

Just let this guy take his own time and space to figure out how he feels about you. You deserve to do this too, without having to explain constantly about small changes or what’s going on in your life.

If you see these signs from a Virgo man, he might feel the same way. Be sure to enjoy every moment of it! This man is not usually one to rush his love life or be impulsive.

When he says that he likes you, it is a big deal, and you can be sure that he means it. For the Virgo, ‘like’ is not easily interchangeable with ‘love’.   

So, dear Virgo men will find one of the best matches in someone who appreciates their sense of humor over their logical approach, just don’t expect them all the time!

If A Virgo Man Likes You, He Will Always Make An Effort To Be A Perfect Gentleman

He might not be the most talkative person in the world at first; he does like to take things slow (he’s always thinking).

But the best part is, once he gets comfortable with you and sees that it’s worth committing time to your relationship (whether it’s romantic or platonic), then he will make an effort to be the perfect gentleman (like finding new hairstyles you like), and a very good listener.

This means you can expect him to show his romantic feelings on a deeper level. He will open doors for you, carry some of your stuff, and always pay the bill when it is time to dine together! He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t like you, why would he go out of his way?!

His sense of humor might not be as evident as other men’s. That’s because after meeting with someone so many times, one has to change up their personality traits a little bit, or else things just get too boring.

He likes being able to help people. Even if you’re a hopeless case, be prepared for him to try and solve all your problems. The Virgo man can’t help himself when it comes to fixing other people’s lives.

Finding a Virgo boyfriend is starting to sound like a great idea! 

What The Virgo Man Is Like

Don’t be surprised if he drives a car that has been around for a while. The Virgo man likes driving vehicles that are built to last a long time!

These guys take their time with everything in order to make sure they don’t mess things up, (especially relationships). So, chances are you’ll meet him in an old car, and might never see him drive anything new!

When it comes to his best friend or family, their happiness matters most to him; he spends a lot of time with them.

So if you want your relationship with him to work out, you’re going to have to accept that. He has high expectations in this category and won’t trade these people for anything.

The Virgo man is fussy and does things in his own way; he’ll only eat certain foods. Never ones that are too spicy, or any food that has gone bad!

The same goes with the drinks – he isn’t fond of beer like most men (he prefers wine) and hates carbonated beverages.

He would probably drink orange juice at every chance he gets! A Virgo man loves all types of science novels and documentaries which make him seem even more serious than usual.

He might be very tough on the outside, but there is a list of signs that show how, deep down inside, he’s a sweet soul who likes helping others in need – especially a Virgo woman who needs guidance with dating/relationships.

The Biggest Signs He Is 100% Interested In You

If you want to know what the Virgo guy is thinking and how he feels about you, follow this Virgo-specific advice for telltale signs a Virgo man likes you:

If he doesn’t mind meeting your parents, even if he hasn’t met them before; this means that someone finally managed to impress him!

He trusts your family’s opinions and appreciates quality time, which will show how much he cares about you. He also likes meeting friends and hanging with mutual friends.

If your Virgo crush calls or messages you within minutes after saying goodbye (when it used to be hours!), he definitely likes you. This might not seem like a big thing, but it actually shows just how smitten by you the guy is!

Most guys take their time with people they’re not really interested in so if he is giving up sleep over you, then that’s one of the key signs you have the Virgo man’s heart!

If he pays special attention in your work (or even just a new hairstyle), even when it is not related to his fields of interest, you’ve caught his interest.

This is a good sign – no matter what, he will always check up on you and try to be there for you when you need him to, and in front of others.

He might pretend that he’s busy but he isn’t really! All this shows just how much effort he puts into understanding who you are as a person so if all of these things sound familiar, then lucky girl – you’ve got yourself a Virgo man!

Physical Signs To Know A Virgo Man Likes You

Most men are very good at hiding their feelings in a convenient way, but the more time you spend with your guy, the more obvious their feelings will become. Here are some of the more obvious physical signs that let you know if a Virgo man likes you:

When you first meet, especially if you are a woman of the fire signs, he will struggle to make eye contact, even if you’re the only girl in his presence.

The good news is, as time goes by, he will be more attentive! He’ll put all his effort into catching every single detail about who you are, and what makes you so special.

The best thing is, his hands might seem cold at first but once he warms up, they become hot to the touch. This is one of the best signs that your guy is really enjoying your company and is likely quite attracted to you!

This particular zodiac sign ignores other women, even if they’re giving him their best shots. This is because Virgo guys usually don’t like wasting their time until they can prove themselves worthy of his attention.

What Might Happen If He Doesn’t Share The Same Feelings

If the guy you’re dating suddenly stops doing nice things, starts ignoring your calls, turns off his cell phone, and switches his online status on Facebook to “in a relationship”, chances are he’s not as interested in you as he once was.

Even though it might be hard to face this truth at first, you should remember that there is nothing more painful than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you’ve spent on him!

The Virgo man will always appreciate those women who have good work ethics, aren’t afraid of taking risks, take part in acts of service, and go after what they want, even if it means getting hurt.

Important To Remember About The Virgo Man

Keep one thing in mind though! No matter how old or young these Virgo star signs might look, they do value their freedom in different ways.

Respect that or this won’t work out long term. There is a good chance the Virgo man doesn’t like commitment!

One of the sure ways of a Virgo is that they won’t rush into anything. He will always take his time with you. This is why sometimes it might feel like he isn’t too sure about how he feels about you, even if he clearly likes you.

Things might change rapidly, so don’t expect him to be there for you at all times and put in too much effort.

Given how great of a friend he is, and knowing your luck, this man loves nothing more than lending a helping hand and making his friends happy. So if you’ve got some good buddies, then he will treat you even better!

Watch a youtube video or two on the Virgo man and what this guy keeps under his sleeve. Keep in mind those last-minute details about him for your next date. The important thing to remember is to have fun and be yourself!

That’s the scoop on 20 signs a Virgo man likes you!

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