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How Obsessed with Psych Are You?

Just how much of a Psych-o are you? Check out our list below and find out just how obsessed you are!

1. You always look for the hidden pineapple in any situation.

First, should you slice one up for the road? For a true Psych-o, the answer is always yes. Whether it’s in the car or at the office, you’ve always got a pineapple on hand.

2. You never get something wrong, but you have heard it both ways.

No arguments or snide comment necessary (Gus). As a result of your epic powers, you also possess the ability to never get it incorrect.

3. You always do the hand-to-temple motion whenever you figure something out.

Just solved your little brother’s algebra homework? Realized who it was that forgot to take out the trash? It doesn’t matter. You’re always ready to make a spectacle about it.

4. You’re looking into getting your own blueberry to drive around like Gus.

As a result, you might also be looking into a strong insurance plan. And you always have a cranberry on standby! Just in case!

5. You often find yourself ignoring authority figures and direct orders.

In addition, this will likely also include taking matters into your own hands. Results may vary.

6. You’ve seen every episode countless times.

Because once is just never enough!

7. You have your own super hero name and persona.

Tell us, are you more of a Magic Head fan or The Catch?

8. You know the words to the theme song.

We know, you know! And it never gets old. Also, as a result of such, the song is now permanently stuck in your head. Which you love!

9. You can name several of Gus’s pseudonyms.

And perhaps you even make them up for your own friends! Also, who wouldn’t want to be called Chocolate Einstein?

And of course…

10. They could make 600 more Psych seasons and/or movies, and you’d never get tired of watching.

Because no matter what, this show is what we all adore. It makes us laugh and brightens our day. And we’ll NEVER get enough of the movies or shows. For the countless hours worked and dedication from the cast and crew, we are so thankful. The marathons of binge-watching will never tire. And neither will we. We swear on our pineapples!

Well, how did you do? Let us know in the comments how obsessed you are, as well as sharing your own favorite obsessions! And don’t forget to check out Psych 2: Lassie Come Home on Peacock!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.