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How TikTok Star Robert E. Blackmon Aims to Spread Positivity Through Social Media

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted with social star Robert E. Blackmon to get the scoop on his life as an influencer! He told us all about how he got his start in entertainment and his future endeavours. He even talked about how he came up with the idea for the funny character he portrays for his half a million TikTok followers!

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

The Power of Social Media

Robert E. Blackmon is no stranger to the entertainment industry. After starting in social media, he learned that importance of creating unique content that the audience can take something from. He never expected his comedy TikToks to take off, but realized it was because no one was doing anything like him.

Trying to find my niche on Tiktok, I discovered the thing that makes me unique is that I do things that other people don’t do. What I tell other influences is that you have to find that thing about yourself that makes you unique.”

-Robert E. Blackmon


Blackmon’s TikTok’s will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face. He starting gaining popularity on the app in the midst of the nation-wide quarantine, which was the perfect time to bring joy to people going through a lot. He tries to add more positivity into this world, especially during these difficult times.

We as human beings waste so much time complaining about what we don’t have, that we lose sight of what we do have. So I try to make people remember, it could be worse. I try to remind people to be grateful, and to live in that gratitude”

-Robert E. Blackmon

More Than Just An Internet Personality

Yes Robert may be known for his comical Church Muva character and motivational videos, he also does so much more! Robert works a lot in fashion, fitness, and traveling too! He recently put out his own line of active wear called, “Rebel Sport.” This line even includes his Positive Vibes shirt that he can often be seen sporting! In our interview he even told us about his future plans including Church Muva’s own cookbook!

IC: Robert E. Blackmon on Facebook
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