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How to Authenticate Gucci and Spot A Fake Bag

The infamous Gucci brand history begins with a man named Guccio Gucci. He started the Italian fashion brand in 1921. Gucci sells high quality luxury goods all around the world. The first stores opened in Florence, Italy and since then fans have loved the bags, even learning how to authenticate Gucci so they know what to buy.

The brand began as a luggage manufacturer that made high-quality travel items for Italy’s upper-class. Alongside companies like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, Gucci has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Gucci watches, Gucci sunglasses, and Gucci bags are remarkably famous items in fashion. 

The brand has had a long line of successful designers and leaders. Creative director Alessandro Michele has been designing for the company since 2015. In April 2021, in honor of the brand’s 100 year birthday, Michele presented the “Aria” collection.

This collection revisited many past designs in the company’s history. He has been incredibly successful in this position and continues to create fascinating pieces. 

Here’s the scoop on how to authenticate Gucci!

How to Spot A Fake Gucci Bag

Over the last few years, Gucci bags have become especially popular in the fashion world. Gucci purses have always been in style, but with so many new fast-fashion sources online, people can avoid going to the Gucci store and easily order look-alike bags straight to their doorstep. However, buying a fake bag on the internet isn’t always a good idea.

They lack the high-quality hardware and real leather that authentic Gucci bags have. Additionally, if you’re looking for a real Gucci bag on a resale site such as eBay, it can be difficult to tell what is fake vs real.

Authentic Gucci handbags have several characteristics that can help you differentiate them from fake ones. It’s important to examine the look of the bag from the shoulder strap to the inside of the bag. We’ve created a DIY 5-step authenticity check on how to authenticate Gucci.

Check the Gucci Hardware

Gucci’s trademark symbol is the double GG logo that often appears on the front of the bag. The shape of the Gucci logo should be precise. The left G and right G should be overlapping. The best way to check is to compare the capital letters with a photo of a real bag on the company’s website and make sure the spacing and style are correct. 

To complete a Gucci authenticity check, it is not only necessary to check the hardware of the logo, but also the other hardware on the bag. Most replica bags will have lightweight and cheap hardware.

When checking a bag, pay close attention to the shape of the hardware and compare it to a real Gucci handbag. It is even important to look at the shape of the zipper pulls because a real bag should have solid metal YKK zippers. 

As far as engraving is concerned, the word “Gucci” should be engraved in the same font as it is on the leather. The engraving should be clear and even. Not all Gucci bags will have engraved hardware, so it is good to research the specific details of the bag model. 

It is also important to consider the style of the bag when checking the hardware. For example, counterfeit Gucci horsebit bags will often have buckles that are clearly fake. The metal should be the correct size and shape. Bags in the Gucci Soho collection have a signature leather tassel.

It is important to make sure that the connecting rings on the tassel are complete circles without gaps.

Look at the Serial Number Tag

The next step in how to authenticate Gucci is looking at the serial number. Serial numbers are another great way to identify what is real vs fake when buying a Gucci product. A new genuine Gucci bag should have a unique serial number located on a leather tab inside the bag that is a square or slight rectangle.

The interior tag should be sewn inside the bag at the top. The sides of this rectangular tag should not be sewn down. Once you locate the serial number, you can check the bag’s authenticity by using a Gucci serial number lookup online.

These heat stamp tags on genuine Gucci bags will always have the same look. The first thing you should search for after looking up the number is the trademark symbol on the front face of the tag. On newer Gucci bags, the word “Gucci” should have interlocking Gs like the double G logo logo.

Gucci Ophidia medium tote

The words “made in Italy” should be at the bottom in lowercase letters. The font of these words should be the same as that of the brand name.

If the figures on the stamp are messy, hard to read, or uneven, you should reconsider the bag’s authenticity. The color of the leather tag should also match the color of the leather on the bag. 

As far as the numbers go, there should be two rows with about 10 to 13 figures. The first row is the style number and the second row is the supplier code, or production code.

If you search the serial number online and a completely different bag shows up, then you may have a fake bag on your hands. Unlike many other luxury handbags, Gucci does not include a date code on the tag that will indicate when the bag was made.

Check the Dust Bags and Documents

Real Gucci made bags will come in a dust bag. They are never wrapped in plastic. The colors of dust bags for modern Gucci bags are different from old ones. However, they are usually black, dark brown, or light brown. The material of the bag should feel soft and silky.

If you are purchasing a bag from a resale site, it is possible that the owner may not have the dust bag anymore. Just because your bag doesn’t come with a dust bag doesn’t mean it is fake. This is very important to keep in mind when shopping from websites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. 

Gucci Soho small leather disco bag

Genuine Gucci bags will also have a controllato card. The word “controllato” means “checked” in Italian. Finding this information card is an important point in Gucci authentication because it means the bag has been through the manufacturing process with verified quality. 

However, it is possible to create a fake controllato card, so you may also need to do a closer inspection. Make sure the Gucci name is on the top of the card in uppercase letters and the Gucci font. The word controllato should be underneath it, followed by the numbers “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0” with one space in between each. Overall, there should be three total lines of text. 

Note that some authentic items may not have the card if they are used because the previous owner may have taken it out. If a bag doesn’t have a card, that doesn’t automatically dismiss it as fake. Although, it is still an important thing to check. 

Other relevant information is that new Gucci bags (2016-) will have a small black fabric loop inside the bag with a QR code. These QR codes can be scanned on your phone to find the bag’s model number and supplier code. 

Examine the Fabric, Leather, and Materials

Continuing on how to authenticate Gucci, next is to look at the materials. A fake Gucci handbag can be identified from simply studying the quality of the fabric or leather.

Canvas, nylon, and leather goods will have different characteristics to look for when making sure it’s the real deal. Most canvas and nylon bags also include some leather in the design whether it is on the lining, zipper, strap, or patch. 

Whether you are looking at a Gucci Dionysus bag, a Horsebit bag, a Marmont top handle bag, or a simple leather bag, it should feel luxurious to the touch if it is authentic. Despite the material, all real Gucci bags are high-quality, and they shouldn’t feel cheap or breakable.

Counterfeit bags will look and feel unnatural because of the cheap manufacturing. They may even have an unpleasant smell due to the use of bad chemicals. 

When examining a leather bag, it is important to note that real leather will often have an imperfect appearance. Due to being machine-made, fake leather will look unnaturally perfect.  Premium leather will also have a distinct musty smell. An authentic leather bag should feel smooth rather than plastic and rubbery. 

All other materials on an authentic Gucci bag should feel high-quality as well. From the bamboo handles to the registered trademark letters, every aspect of the bag should feel sturdy and reliable. 

Look for Precise Stitching and Craftsmanship

Overall, many counterfeit bags will look decent from afar. However, when you examine them closely, the craftsmanship is often poor and acts as a dead giveaway for fake bags. Sloppy details in the stitching and placement of elements are red flags. Learning how to authenticate Gucci can help you avoid buying a fake.

Sometimes the quickest way to check a bag’s authenticity is to look at the stitching. Even an untrained eye can see careless stitching, which is one of the biggest red flags in a bag. The stitching on a real Gucci bag will be consistently even and free of loose threads. The color of the thread should also be the same color as the leather. 

Some Gucci bags also have specific patterns that are tough for fake manufacturers to copy. For example, fake Gucci horsebit bags are often easy to spot due to failure to copy the complex pattern. Compare pictures of the real patterns to the ones on your bag to verify its authenticity. 

Remember to check the placement of stitching around the tags as well. As mentioned above, serial number tags should only be attached from the top.

Overall, the main takeaway is to get to know your Gucci. The brand has created a wide range of styles which can make it difficult to verify the authentic details of each one. Spending some time online to become familiar with these styles can be extremely useful in the process of buying a bag.

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