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How To: Be A Better And Safer Cyclist

Cycling has many benefits. It’s great for your fitness levels, it’s a better choice for the environment and it’s fantastic for your mental health too. 

However, there’s more to cycling than simply getting on your bike and hitting the road. As a road user, it’s your responsibility to take cycling seriously and do your bit to make the roads a little safer for everyone. Becoming a better and safer cyclist also means self-preservation, which means you’re less likely to be involved in a road accident if you take your hobby seriously – phone and speak with a Columbus personal injury lawyer if you’re the victim of a road accident that could have been avoided.  

So, if you’re eager to start cycling or rediscover your love of your bicycle, what can you do to ensure you have the best approach? Read on for how to be a better and safer cyclist. 

Make sure you’re visible

There’s a lot for road users to take in, especially when the roads are busy. So, make it easier for other motorists to spot you! Making yourself visible will dramatically reduce the chances of you being hit by another vehicle. So, dress like a peacock! 

Bright and colorful cycling attire will make certain you’re easy to spot. Or throw on a high-visibility jacket over your coat. A brightly colored bike and a colorful helmet with reflective strips will have people turning heads for all the right reasons – most importantly, they can see you! 

Always remember to stretch

Whether you’re cycling to work or you’re planning a bike ride with the kids at the weekend, it’s important that your muscles and joints are ready to be exercised. This means plenty of stretching and movement before you ride. Getting on your bike whilst your body is cold could lead to a serious injury. 

Know how to maintain your bicycle 

Do you know how to fix a puncture on your tire? And take care of basic bicycle maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating the chain and the mechanisms? If your bike is well maintained it means it will perform better, it also means if you get into a sticky situation you can fix your bike yourself!

Bonus tip: Always carry a puncture repair kit with you when you go out on your bicycle.

Find a cycling buddy

If your confidence is a little shaken or your cycling skills are a little rusty, consider cycling with a friend. It’s a great way to boost your self-esteem, get fit, explore the area around you and socialize!

And finally, read up on the rules of the road

If you’re cycling on the main roads you’ll need to need to be aware of which rules apply to you. It’s easy to cause an accident if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always conduct a little research before you take your bike out for the first time.

Bonus tip: Make a note of where all your local cycle paths are and make good use of them! 

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