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How to Clean a Cricut Mat With Baby Wipes

If you are trying to find the perfect way to clean your Cricut mat, then we have the best trick for you. All you need is baby wipes!


It’s an easy and economical way to clean your mat.

We all know that our Cricut mats are used for a variety of materials, so they can get dirty pretty quickly. We have one simple trick to show you how to get the job done in no time. All you need is baby wipes!

What Makes Baby Wipes The Best Choice For Cleaning Your Cricut Mat?

Baby wipes are made with a thin, soft fabric that makes them super absorbent. They easily remove dirt and grime. But what really makes them the best choice for cleaning your mat is that they can take care of both oily and water based messes.

Why Does My Cricut Mat Get So Dirty?

The most common reasons that comes to mind for dirty Cricut mats is:

Using your Cricut mat without a mat cover. The mat can absorb messes that happen on the surface of the mat or from tools on it. This could get messy pretty quick if left unattended.

Rubbing your hands on the Cricut mat as you work with it. This will wear away at your mat and make a mess of it pretty quick.

Touching or removing the Cricut mat with your other hand. While it’s a good idea to use something on the top side of the mat to wipe off some of your messes, this can also damage your Cricut mat and mess up your project.

Using too much pressure on your Cricut mat when cutting. This will cause wear to occur on the fibers of the mat which could lead to it becoming dirty pretty quickly.

Here’s how it works:

First: Remove any paper that is on the mat by peeling off and making sure that all paper pieces are released from the mat.

Second: Grab a baby wipe and pull it apart (there should be a little strip that you can rip off).

Third: Take the baby wipe and wipe the mat in circular motions until it is somewhat clean of debris or dust on the top side of the mat.

If there is liquid on your mat, use a different wet wipe to dry it all out. You will want to do this so none of your Cricut projects will absorb any moisture.

As for cleaning the Cricut mat in the future, keep a baby wipe handy. It’s a great way to remove any residual dust and debris. (I recommend using a small microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe it down before using the baby wipes.)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.