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How To Cook Frozen Pizza Rolls in the Air Fryer | Easy

Hungry for a delicious and cheesy snack? These air fryer pizza rolls are a super easy and delicious treat that everyone will love! With simple prep and a short cook time, air fryer pizza bites are an easy snack that the whole family will enjoy.

Here is the scoop on the best air fryer pizza rolls!

how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

I am always looking to use my air fryer to make some of my favorite snacks. Air fryer pizza rolls are excellent finger foods to serve on game day, for an after-school snack, or just when you are feeling hungry!

If you want the taste of pizza in a convenient little bite, these air fryer pizza rolls are for you. Whether you are new to air frying, want to get familiar with making frozen food, or just want to know how long to cook pizza rolls in an air fryer we are here to help!

My favorite thing about the homemade version of pizza rolls is that you can add your favourite pizza toppings at no extra cost because the simple ingredients are in your house! You can easily add different toppings and sauces to make them extra special. Just like pizza, you can personalize pizza rolls to get different flavors.

I love dipping pizza rolls in sauce. My favorite is marinara, but you can also add extra pizza sauce to keep the same flavor. You can also add some mozzarella cheese, or even use a pastry brush to add extra oil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese if you want to make them extra fancy.

I think that air frying food is a great way to quickly make yummy appetizers and even main dishes on short time constraints. Air fryers easily take your favorite foods from frozen to crispy and golden in very little time.

I think they are an excellent kitchen accessory for anyone who is just getting into cooking, or anyone who does lots of cooking and wants some extra help!

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls Ingredients

First, let’s look at our ingredients. Making frozen pizza rolls in the air fryer is super easy because you only need a few ingredients!

  • 1 package of frozen pizza rolls: The Michelina’s pizza rolls I used come in a package of 20 and the entire package which fits perfectly in my air fryer basket. If you are using the a larger package, like some Totino’s pizza rolls come in a package of 50, you will want to only use about half so the rolls have room in the fryer.
  • Nonstick cooking spray: Any nonstick cooking spray, like PAM, should work to protect your air fryer basket, but always check your air fryer manual regarding what not to use on your machine.
  • Sauce: Pick your favorite sauce that pairs well with pizza. Whether you choose marinara sauce, pizza sauce, or even ranch, the choice is yours! I used this marinara sauce because I really love the flavor.

How To Make Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

To make theses delicious pizza rolls, you only have to follow a few easy steps!

  1. Set Air Fryer Temperature: Open your air fryer and coat the air fryer basket with a layer of nonstick cooking spray. Then set the temperature to 390°F. If you are using the ninja foodi model, you will first have to press the power button, then the Air Crisp button, and finally set the temperature to 390 degrees F.
  2. Add Pizza Rolls: Once your air fryer reaches 390°F place your frozen rolls inside of the air fryer basket. Do not thaw the rolls for this recipe. Then spread the rolls out in a single layer making sure they are not too close to each other.
  3. Set Cook Time: After adding your pizza rolls to the basket, close your air fryer. Then set the cooking time to 7 minutes.
  4. Shake Basket: When the rolls are halfway through cooking (about the 3 minute mark) open your fryer and shake the basket or flip the rolls to cook them evenly.
  5. Plate and serve! When the time is up, your pizza rolls should be golden brown. You can take them out, plate them however you want, and they are ready to eat!
how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

Tips For Making Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

If it is your first time using your air fryer, one pro tip to note is that many air fryer companies will recommend that you place your air fryer on a baking sheet to protect your countertop. I simply set mine on a cookie sheet and use it like normal.

Air frying is one of the best cooking methods for saving time. You can easily adapt this recipe depending if you want to make your homemade pizza rolls a little different. If you prefer a lighter golden brown crust you can cook your pizza rolls for less time.

For my air fryer and personal preference, I find that 7 minutes is the perfect amount of time for making the rolls crispy and golden on the outside and still cheesy and gooey on the inside! However, the exact time depends on your personal preference.

Also, while air frying is a super easy way to cook pizza rolls to perfection, you may want to let them rest for a few minutes before eating them. While in the fryer, the filling gets extremely hot. Especially if you are serving these as an after school snack for kids, you will want to let them cool. Pizza rolls are lots of fun, but burned mouthes are not!

For more yummy food ideas, check out these recipes below:

Easy Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

Easy Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

These air fryer pizza rolls are an easy snack to make that is crispy and delicious!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 Package frozen pizza rolls (about 20 rolls)
  • 1 Can nonstick cooking spray
  • 1 jar marinara sauce (or sauce of your choosing)


  1. Spray air fryer basket. Use nonstick cooking spray to prepare the air fryer basket and make sure the rolls do not stick.
  2. Set temperature. Set your air fryer temperature to 390 degrees F
  3. Add rolls. Once heated, add your pizza rolls to the basket and spread them out in a single layer.
  4. Set timer. Set your pizza rolls to cook for 7 minutes and allow them to fry.
  5. Shake rolls. At the 3 minute mark, shake or flip the pizza rolls so they cook evenly, and then let cook for remaining time
  6. Remove and plate. Take the rolls out of the air fryer and plate them with your desired sauce.
  7. Serve and enjoy


Let the pizza rolls rest 1-2 minutes before serving them because the filling gets very hot.

Also, you can adjust the cooking time depending on your personal preference for how crispy you want your pizza rolls. 7 minutes cooks them perfectly crunchy and golden on the outside and gooey on the inside.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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