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How To Cope With Stress From Work

Most of us have had those awful stressful moments at work. Maybe the boss has called you into her office and given you a grilling. Or maybe you’ve been given a really important project with a tight deadline. Stress is common in the workplace from time to time. But stress shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. If stress is getting to you, now is the time to act.

Stress will cause disturbed sleep, weight gain or loss, illness, and depression. There are lots of reasons you might be stressed out. The changing seasons can weaken your immune system, leaving you less resourceful for coping. A change of personnel or work environment can also upset a happy balance. More work than we can comfortably cope with is another reason for experiencing elevated stress levels.Stress

If your job is giving you a lot of stress, it’s time for a change on your part. There are plenty of things you can try to help you feel more relaxed, confident and happy at work. Taking a Yoga or meditation class once or twice a week is a great way to feel on top of things again. Look at for the best changes to your diet. Reducing your caffeine and processed foods with sugar can also help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Personality clashes in the workplace are very common. It’s easy to find a difficulty in working relationships. However, team building exercises can help you find common ground and a newfound respect for each other. You may even become friends! Make the effort to engage the people that bother you the most in a positive and courteous way. The odd compliment and recognition of their work from time to time can help build the bridges.

Sometimes we can feel stressed about our career progression. It can be difficult to achieve a pay rise or promotion without changing departments or even jobs sometimes. If you are thinking of moving to another company, it’s important to keep your plans quiet from your colleagues until you have an offer. Some employers may feel concerned about your loyalty and ask you to leave if you’re shopping for another job. Of course, it may work in your favor, and you could be offered more in your current job if you stay. It’s important to carefully consider your plans.

If you are hunting for another job, use a website like to get access to application forms for employers. You may be tempted to leave your current job if your work is upsetting you. But it will look better in your application if you are currently employed so try to resist quitting.

Most application forms ask for references. It is important you put down someone from your current workplace. You can choose to name a colleague who is superior to you or your boss. Some people just put down the HR department. It’s up to you. It is highly unlikely a reference will be contacted prior to your interview should you be selected as a candidate. In the meantime, try to improve relationships in your current job. It’s best never to burn bridges as they say.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.