How To Create the Perfect Home Workspace

Whether you’re working from home or just need a spot to get things done from time to time, in this day and age a good workspace is crucial for success. Which is why today I’m showing you my brand new home office makeover and linking every single item so you can have the step by step for how to create your own personal oasis.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

Find your space.

Before getting started, you’ll need to decide on a space. I went with my bedroom because I’m working with limited options, and my room has a huge window with plenty of light. It also allows me the easiest access to work during the day. Plus, I have my door that I can close to block out noise and distractions if necessary.

Get a desk.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

To begin, you need a table of some sort. The more space, the better in my opinion. I went with this Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk, which I got from Amazon. It fits perfectly in the corner I wanted to use for my “office” and matches the aesthetic I already have going. Make sure to measure your workspace and check dimensions of your desk or table before ordering! Otherwise you’ll have a serious issue on your hands and be set back time-wise.

I’ve also gotten second hand desks in the past and repainted them, which also works! It’s all about what is best for your specific situation and budget.

Start with necessities.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

After putting together your desk you need to get out the necessities. They are what you absolutely must have, and can work the rest around. To start, I set up my laptop, along with my wireless mouse and custom mousepad.

Storage is key.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

For storage underneath, I used a storage bin on wheels to keep my supplies like pads of paper, extra notebooks, and all of my pens and pencils. This particular bin we already had in the garage, so I just wiped it down with some sanitizing wipes. But they’re available online and at a bunch of different stores!

Photo by Lauren Thomas

Hot tip! Use containers you already have to store smaller objects! I used these boxes from a monthly mail subscription service and they work perfect!

Find the light.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

You can’t work in the dark, so you’ll need to brighten up your space. Aside from the ceiling fan light already in my room, I added this Pillowfort lamp from Target. The gold matches my accent color perfectly, and it’s actually really bright!


Next, for décor, keep in mind that most things need to be functional. Your workspace is limited, so find objects that you can use but still add some value to the overall aesthetic!

I got a 3 tiered tray and cardboard magazine organizers to help keep my documents in order.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

As well as this cute stapler and tape dispenser from Packed Party.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

These two pencil cups worked perfectly with my color scheme.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

For my walls I put up this dry erase board from Walmart. To divide it into sections, I just used a bit of washi tape!

Photo by Lauren Thomas

And I have to have my wall calendar up or I’ll never get anything done.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

Hot tip! The shelf on the wall is actually an extra piece from the desk that we didn’t use, so I added some L brackets and made it into something new!

Photo by Lauren Thomas

Finally I added my favorite chair from Amazon.

Photo by Lauren Thomas

Relax and enjoy.

And that’s it! Feel free to add your own personal touches and trinkets to make the workspace perfect for you. The key is to do whatever works best for your individual needs and use what you already have if possible. A little bit of elbow grease can make a huge difference for your bank account.

Finally, now that you have your workspace, go forth and conquer the world!    

Photo by Lauren Thomas


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