How To Deal With #Hairbreak The Bachelorette Way

Bachelorette fans – let’s chat about the latest season of the show.  This season of Bachelorette has been unpredictable, to say the least.  One thing we can predict? More #Hairbreak to come.  

From helicopter riding to steamy makeout sessions, things are bound to get tangly.  With multiple competitions and rose ceremonies, our leading lady needs to be prepared to keep her hair looking and feeling great. I’ve watched the show for years and have had my own ups and downs in the dating world. 

One thing I have learned from my own life experiences and those on the show is that heartbreak and hair break happens to all of us.  While we can’t control always the heartbreak, we can prevent the #hairbreak. 

How To Deal With #Hairbreak

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As a long-time fan of the show, I know these dates are anything but ordinary and these ladies always want to look their best in every situation.  If there’s one thing that can give a girl confidence, it’s knowing your hair is looking good.  It all starts with the products you use. 

Pantene’s core collection is made with a nutrient-rich formula of strengthening lipids and antioxidants that builds hair’s immunity to prevent up to 90% of future hair damage (or #hairbreak if you will). While our newest Bachelorette may not be immune to future heartbreak, I’ve got #hairbreak covered for her and for you!

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If you’re not sure what Pantene products are best for you I’ve got the scoop!

Daily Moisture Collection

A high-stakes rose ceremony can mean a lot of stress. The solution? Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo will keep tresses-stress free.  This is the perfect collection to use if you find yourself dealing with the stress of dating or just life in general. As a single woman I know that the dating world can be tough, having your hair looking great every day is one less thing to worry about. 

Sheer Volume Collection

Multiple one-on-one and group dates mean long days and nights of dating.  While we love to watch the drama unfold we all know in that same situation we would be feeling the effects of it all.  The Sheer Volume Collection can keep hair full of volume and looking great all day and night. If you’re dating on TV, in real life or even over Zoom this collection will give you the volume and confidence to rock any date! 

Repair and Protect Collection

Throughout the years, the number of contestants there for the “right reasons” has gone down. There are always a few contestants that end up in every season – those that come on the show looking for everything but love. They want to promote their careers or they’re just looking for some fun. Some are easily recognizable, some you would never expect and have even become some of our most beloved contestants.

While the ladies can’t always prepare their hearts for them, The Repair & Protect shampoo and conditioner can play damage control on the #hairbreak left behind. 

The #Hairbreak Challenge

Are you ready to take the #hairbreak challenge? No matter how #hairbreak moments come to life, Pantene’s hair immunity will stay frontrunner.  

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Save On Pantene

Purchase Pantene base products at your favorite retailer by clicking here:  

Bring On The Heartbreak, not the #HairBreak

I can’t wait to continue to watch the drama unfold all season long. With the episodes, we’ve seen and previews each week I can only imagine what is to come. One thing I know for sure is we will see more heartbreak. Hopefully, with the tips and products I’ve shared, you can avoid all of the #hairbreak. 

Disclosure: Thank you to Pantene for partnering with me on this sponsored post.

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  1. I found your website in a bachelor fan group. Someone shared this post and the hair break idea got me thinking. You are right. I really need to take better care of my hair. I am going to try the restore one you mentioned. Going to Target tomorrow. I will keep following.

    Sarah do you like Taysha or Clare better?

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