Blogging: How To Deal With Online Fame

by Sarah Scoop
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Online popularity can often be a mixed bag. Thanks to the anonymity afforded by the internet, users don’t have to be accountable for their actions. This can make the lives of well-known influencers very challenging. Of course, though, most people don’t realize that there is anything different about this sort of lifestyle at all. To give you an insight into this rapidly evolving area, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to deal with the backlash of online popularity, just in case you ever find yourself drowning in subscribers or followers.

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When someone is famous on the web, the reaction they receive when they go out is quite different from that of a normal celebrity. Thanks to the way that niches rule the internet, it’s unlikely that the wider population will know who a web celeb is, especially if they only see them in passing. This makes life a little easier, but also creates a challenge when it comes to getting used to being spotted. There will be more than an awkward moment or two, along with the embarrassment of having one person in a large group recognize you. It’s always best to only find yourself being stopped by friends and family.

Harsh Commenting

If you don’t want other internet users to know who you are, it’s easy enough to hide your identity when you’re using the web. While most users won’t go to extreme lengths to hide their trail, others will, and these tend to be the people who will go the furthest in the comment section. Over the last few years, several industry professionals have ducked out of the spotlight as the result of negative comments being hurled in their direction. This can often go as far as death threats, and the only way to avoid it is to turn off comments or stop reading them.

Targeted Attacks

This area has become quite a problematic one over the last few years. When someone has the will, finding someone’s personal information on the web isn’t too big of a challenge. Especially, living in this modern world it isn’t hard to find personal information at all. This is often even easier when someone is prominent online, as far more people will care about them. There will even be those who actively dislike the celebrity in question. There are numerous scenarios that can occur when someone has their confidential information stolen over the web. The impact is often being largest for those who have huge groups of people behind them.

One of the most common routes is known as doxing. This involves releasing details like addresses, phone numbers, and other private details with the purpose of causing damage. Alternatively, there have been instances where popular bloggers and other online influencers have had their homes raided by law enforcement, all thanks to fake reports being filed. While this can seem fun for users at the time, the damage to someone’s life can be irreparable. You can hide your IP address if you’re concerned about this. Of course, though, it can also help to avoid leaving personal information on sites that you can’t trust completely.


There have been several instances of popular online personalities being subjected to unfairly high public expectations over the years. When someone gets into a position with loads of others listening to them, it’s easy to assume that they will become more professional, though this isn’t always the case. This isn’t really a problem until the individual in question fails to meet these strict expectations. The fallout from this can be huge, with companies refusing to work with you, and other bloggers distancing themselves. To solve this, you have to be very careful with what you do and say, especially if your content is aimed at younger people.


Feeling like your job isn’t secure is a horrible position to be in. Most people benefit from at least having a range of clients to rely on. However, bloggers and other influencers often have to get their income from one place. This means that their popularity has to continue to rise, or they can easily find themselves struggling to earn enough. Branching out can be a great way to solve this. It does mean doing more work than you’re used to and a lot of people won’t want to go down this sort of route.

A dream for a lot of people will be becoming a successful blogger. Spending your working days writing about what you love and care about is a great path to follow! Even in a world that is getting harder to progress in. Of course, it doesn’t come without its downsides. You’ll have to prepare to work if you want to get around them.

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