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How to Dress Like Donna From Mamma Mia!

I love the Mamma Mia franchise. It is a great story, with an ABBA soundtrack, set in beautiful Greece. These movies make me laugh, cry, smile, sob, etc. These are the type of movies that make me want to live in this world. While that is not really possible, it is possible to dress like I do! Here are 3.5 easy steps to dress like you are Donna from Mamma Mia!

1. Color Palette

Let’s start with Donna’s color palette. Donna wears a lot of various shades of yellow and blue denim so those are the base colors. She also is seen in greens, oranges, and white a lot. So those three colors will be the secondary colors. Donna does not wear a lot of dark colors (except for blues and denim) and typically sticks to the color palette mentioned.

2. Denim

Get your denim ready! Break out those bell bottom jeans. Get yourself some cute jean shorts. Buy a cute denim jacket. Then, get another pair of bell bottoms! Denim is a must have for anyone looking to dress like Queen Donna herself.

2.5 *The Donna* Overalls

While overalls fall underneath the denim category they need their own section because they represent the iconic Donna Sheridan look. Every Donna needs a pair of overalls. You can not be her without them. So go get yourself some overalls and get ready to be the Dancing Queen.

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3. Flowy material

There is some element of a flowy material seen in all of Donna’s look. For instance, she has the flowy shirt underneath the overalls, a billowing skirt, or of course some bell bottoms. All of her outfits have an element of life to them as seen through this material.

And there you go! These are the basics to dress like Donna from Mamma Mia! In 3 and a half easy steps you will be looking like Donna in no time. Let me know which character you would like to know how to dress as next!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.