How To Get Over A Broken Friendship

For some of us our friends can become so close that they become more like family. Your close friend can be your confidant, psychiatrist, partner in crime, shoulder to cry on and a companion. At any age losing a friendship can be very shattering. It can be hard to loose someone that you were close to and loved.

Friendships end for different reasons. They can end on a sour note or on a mutual note. In a friendship with two people each person will have their side of the story and their stance on the issue. Friendships can end over disagreements, changes in priorities, different turns people make in their life and busy schedules.

As I get older, I learn that in life everything happens for a reason. Even though at the time it seems like you will never be able to replace that friend in your life there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you were true friends, after the friendship is over you should still have mutual respect for each other. Even though the friendship is over you should still be able to have peace of mind that while you were friends you genuinely cared for that person.

Another way to help you to get over a broken friendship is to let go and let everything happen in its place and time. You never know, maybe time will pass and you can get to a place where you can be friends again. Or maybe there was a reason why the friendship ended that may have been to your benefit in the long run.

One thing you don’t want to do is play the blame game. Playing the blame game never helps the situation. It actually shows a sign of maturity to accept your role in the situation and move on from that. It takes a big person to realize their mistakes and acknowledge them. It may be too late to fix the broken friendship but you can use the lessons from that friendship to help you in future relationships.

If you really want closure you can send that friend one last email, text or call them just to let them know that there are no hard feelings and you wish them the best. You never know what is going to happen in the future so you want to try and avoid leaving things on a bad note. Closure and acceptance are the keys to moving on from a broken relationship, it just takes one step at a time.

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