How to Grow Your Subscribers on YouTube


One of the best ways to earn money online right now is through YouTube. Becoming a content creator has become a popular career as viewers continue to look for quality content. And in order to become an established YouTube partner, you must have tons of subscribers and viewers.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most effective tips on how to increase your subscribers from zero to thousands to a million.

Quality Over Quantity

Producing videos on a regular basis is a good idea, but not when it lacks quality and relevance. Even if you upload videos consistently, no one is going to be interested in watching them. Instead of focusing on the number of your uploads, create valuable and high-quality videos instead.

What are the types of content that usually rake in lots of views? These include tutorials and how-tos, unboxing, video game walkthroughs, product reviews, vlogs, and hauls.

When filming your videos, make sure that you’re giving your viewers accurate information. Prepare a script and research beforehand so you can discuss a topic well. As much as possible, use a high-quality filming camera too so your videos will look crisp and clear.

Like and Reply to Every Comment

Engage with your audience and encourage participation by replying to every comment on your videos. Most YouTube content creators never reply to comments, especially those with a large following. By liking and replying to your viewers’ comments, you’re showing them that you value their opinions and that they’re welcome to your channel.

Try to like and reply to as many videos as you can. You can even get ideas on what type of content to film next through the comments. It’s one of the fastest ways to foster a loyal community that can grow into a large fanbase.

Create Compelling Thumbnails

The first thing that people will see before viewing your videos are the thumbnails. Humans are visual creatures and our brains are wired to interpret striking images. Make sure that your thumbnails are attractive and compelling so people will want to click on them.

There are so many thumbnail creators that are available today. Some examples are Canva, Visme, Adobe Spark, Crello, and Snappa. These websites offer free and premium templates so you can add visually enticing thumbnails to your videos.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

It’s the quickest way to gain subscribers. Tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel and turn on their notifications every time you post something new. 

You can do this at the beginning or at the end of your videos like most YouTube creators do. However, you can also do this in the middle—some creators ask their viewers to subscribe before proceeding to the topic of the video.

Use an Attractive Icon and Banner

Your channel’s icon and banner are a part of your brand, so make sure that they are attractive. This will make your channel look authoritative and compel your viewers to subscribe to you. You can also use your banner to list your key information and social media accounts.

When creating your banner, make sure that it conveys what your channel is about. You can include a headshot to make it more professional-looking. You can also place your channel’s tag line there.

Publish Long Videos

Back in the days when YouTube was just flourishing, people uploaded short videos that were mostly 2-3 minutes long. Now, most videos vary from 12 minutes to 2 hours. The good news? People will sit through long videos; in fact, they rank better than short ones.

Another reason why content creators are creating longer videos is for ad revenue. The longer the video is, the more ads it will generate. This means more revenue for you, especially if you also have affiliate links. It’s a great tip to keep in mind if you’re monetizing your videos.

Write Unique Channel Descriptions

It’s an often overlooked part of most YouTube channels, but it’s also a crucial part of video SEO. Instead of writing a short and vague one about your channel, create a longer and more elaborate description. 

In your channel description, tell your audience what your channel is about and what you’re aiming for with your content. Include your upload schedule and ask them to subscribe. It’s also a good idea to include keywords that are associated with your niche.

Upload Videos Frequently

Aside from creating valuable and high-quality content, having a regular upload schedule is important too. It gives your viewers something to look forward to every week. Plus, producing content consistently will help you gain more views and achieve a better ranking.

It’s easy to procrastinate and produce a rushed content just so you’ll have something to upload on your schedule. To prevent this, it’s best to film one or two videos in advance. This way, you’ll have more time to research, film, and edit your videos.

Promote Your Channel

How will people know about your channel if you don’t promote it? Spread the word through your social media accounts. You can also join events, trade shows, and brand events. It’s a great way to meet people in the same vlogging community and gain support from fellow creators.

If you’re planning to join such events, you can hire companies that offer expo services. They can take care of your booth, promotional materials, and logistics so you’ll have a stress-free time during the event.


We’re in an era where producing videos can be a full-fledged money-making career. In order to have a thriving channel, you must grow your list of subscribers. This article should help you gain more subscribers through tried and tested strategies. For more blogging tips, read our articles here at Mostly Blogging.


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