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How To Install The Hallmark Channel On Your Roku

The fact that you have stumbled upon this article means that you are doing market research to figure out the answer to the question “is The Hallmark channel on Roku?.” 

Hallmark is a channel filled with iconic heartfelt original movies and tv shows. For almost every holiday you can think of there is a hallmark movie that it celebrates or recognizes.

With the new age of binge-watching and streaming services through apps on smart tvs, there are several apps or platforms where hallmark channel movies are available.

Some of which are, samsung tvs, cloud DVR, Amazon fire tv, sling tv, Apple tv, and at&t tv. 

The best way to access these platforms on tv today is using a Roku tv if you aren’t using a web browser. S-based pay-tv channel that contains movies and shows. You need to sign in to your satellite. 

We’ve got the scoop on how you can install the Hallmark movie channel on your Roku.  

You might still have your cable TV subscription, but you might want to discover an easy way to access all your favorite shows on your favorite hallmark channel at once. 

The Hallmark channel app allows viewers to search for movies and tv shows in specific categories. For example, Hallmark Christmas movies or a Hallmark drama.  

Regardless of your streaming device, all groups of people can get a membership to this streaming TV network.

The Hallmark Channel Anywhere app is suitable for various systems and can be enabled on your mobile device as well, Android devices, Windows PC, Amazon Fire tablets, a roku device, and more.

You can also run Hallmark Channel Anywhere on Roku Streaming devices. 

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel on Roku allows you to watch live tv from all Hallmark channels and allows you to quickly switch across channels. It has dual subscription plans: a monthly subscription fee of $5.99/month and an annual subscription fee that is generally priced at $59.99/year. 

There are two ways to install the Hallmark app on Roku.

A great option is to buy a Roku tv, otherwise, you can attach Roku to your tv. 

The way you go about this is a little different depending on your system.  

Hallmark TV app on Roku Channel Store can be accessed easily. So, it allows the installation process to happen quick and fast. 

How To Add The Hallmark Channel To Your Roku

1. First, attach your Roku player to the HDMI port on your TV set. 

2. Next, switch on your TV and launch the Media Player of Roku. 

3. Now insert the Roku login information of your profile to activate the Roku steaming player on your TV. 

4. Then go to the Roku Main screen and scroll down to pick Streaming Services. 

5. This step will redirect you to the Roku Channel Store. 

6. From there enter the Hallmark Channel in the Search Window to locate the Hallmark Channel. 

7. Pick Add Channel from the information screen of the Hallmark Channel app. 

8. Click the Go to Channel key to start this process on your device after the application is installed. 

9. The Hallmark Channel app should now be on your channel list. 

10. After you add the channel you need to launch a web server on your device to visit  the Hallmark Channel website

11. Then type the activation code that appears on your TV screen. 

12. You will also now be able to watch all of Hallmark’s premium movies or premium channel shows and shows without your cable subscription. 

Roku TV Steps

When you have a Roku Tv the steps you need to take are slightly different, all you need to do is go to your Roku channel store on your tv then complete steps 6 to 12.  

As you may know, on the Roku channel store you can find streaming services like, prime video channels, YouTube TV, food network, lifetime channel, google tv, sports channels, game show network, Fubo tv, sling orange and more.  

If you sign up for Hallmark channels using Frndlytv you can get a 7-days free trial to access hallmark movies. On the app, you’ll have access to live channels, new movies.

If you have a television provider, you can access hallmark movies by entering your cable provider info or satellite provider account. 

This might be the cheapest way to access hallmark Channel without a Roku.  

On the Hallmark channel app, you can access your favorite hallmark movies like Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores. 

Hallmark Streaming Service

Today Roku doesn’t have a monthly fee, there is a free streaming service available on Roku and some of which, have a free 7-day trial period. 

But on apps like frndly tv you have different access packages that you can purchase, one of which is a premium subscription option. This tv app can be found on the tv app store.  

You can watch great movies on amazon prime and even on your local channels but when you watch a movie from the hallmark wall of fame, you just want to watch hours of hallmark original content. 

Some people demand content like lifetime movies but having hallmark channels is a great option as the variety of original shows available will be more than enough to enjoy. 

Philio’s channel lineup and sling blue tv have live content from multiple tv networks.

This new streaming service has simple installation processes and allow the selection of movies based on the package you choose. Some people choose the base package but others choose high pay-tv channels to access exclusive content. 


The next time you ask the question is Hallmark on Roku, you will know the answer is yes and that you can find the most recent episodes of heartwarming original series on the app. 

Hallmark Channel Everywhere app is the ultimate TV streaming software for cord-cutters to get the full content.

Hallmark Channel changes the catalog regularly, so there are plenty of different things to watch on it. 

Besides new movies, it also has got older movies and shows to watch available on its network.

It even has a favorite list, so you can select your favorite stuff to replay it later, it’s like creating your own streaming service!

No matter your tv provider or directv stream, you can enjoy the Hallmark hall of fame with a monthly membership. It is easy to enjoy philo’s channel lineup with a sling blue package or any other manner of subscription.

You can get Hallmark Channel for Roku users easily by carrying out the steps given. Now you know how to access your selection of heartfelt Hollywood favorites. Download the hallmark app on your approved device so you can have direct stream. 

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Wednesday 20th of September 2023

You better not charge me for these channels when I did not authorize you to take money out of my account. If you do I will be contacting a lawyer. I did not authorize you to take money out of my account. If you do you will be hearing from my lawyer.


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

I hope that they do not charge me a fee. I did not include my credit card number nor any kind of information about me. If they charge me a fee I will be contacting the company.


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

You better cancel my subscription if you added me on. I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I DIDN'T ORDER

Chinetta Thomas

Saturday 12th of August 2023

I will like to talk to someone direct not a machine or not to keep sending me back to keep putting my email address in to keep taking money of my card what is the number to the roku channel hallmark movies now for smart TV I want my refund or the channel and don't charge me more than what I ask I what the deal for $5.99 a month that what I want


Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I also have been charged for this service without my permission. I don’t know how you got my credit card info, but you better find out how to give me a refund and disconnect this service! I’ll be seeking you out and finding some answers. I hope it’s easy, or you’ll hear from me again and again.

Philip Thayer

Friday 7th of January 2022

I am very confused. On 12 my credit card at a charge of 65.39 list as Roku for Hallmark Lab 816-272-8107. I did not request this service. I tried calling the phone number but it directed me to Roku. After reading a number of WEB pages it appears to get this service one must application and go through a installation process. I done nothing of that sort. So what is this, why was I charged. At the moment we don't think we want the service because I don't know what it is. Help me understand.

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