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How To Keep Your Customers Returning

Engaging with your customers is a vital part of any business, they are the reason that your business exists and if you choose to ignore their needs then they will not be your customers for very long. Keeping your customers on track requires a number of different things, and in this article, we will explore how to keep your customers happy. 


Whatever line of business you are in, you are likely to have some kind of customer. If you are supplying a service, the end-user is the person who is your customer, even if they are not the ones who hired you. While in many businesses, it is very apparent who the customer is, and there is no excuse for neglecting them. 

Yet so many companies do neglect their customers and they very often do this by removing the channels of communication. This may be the utility provider that does not have a customer support number, who instead relies on an automated message system. Or, it could be the website that does not have an email or support contact. 

Removing the opportunity for your customer to engage with you is setting up a frustrating relationship that will end with you losing out. While it may mean more work, you should open up as many lines of communication as possible. That may mean Professional email with Google or Microsoft, or setting up a phone system that can handle multiple calls at any one time. 

Make sure that emails do not go unanswered. If you have a customer call center, set targets for the time limit for calls to be answered by a human. Your customers should never be left waiting for too long for a response from you. 

Make Yourself Clear

If there is something that you cannot do for your customers for whatever reason, that is absolutely fine, as long as you make it apparent at every opportunity and do not leave any opportunity to confuse your customer. If they are clear in what they can expect from you, and you deliver based on that information, then you will find that you will have a trusting relationship with your customers. 

Allowing your customers to labor under the idea that you are able to provide them with goods or services that you cannot help them with will only ever end in your business gaining a poor reputation. 

Politeness Costs Nothing

Make your customers feel as though they are the most important person to you. Talk with them and put them at ease. Find out about their day and make general conversation. This will help them relax. Manners cost nothing, be sure you are polite throughout any interaction with your customers. 

If they have a complaint, listen to them in a genuine way and use language that confirms that you have heard and understood them. Don’t dismiss what they are saying, this will only lead to conflict. Often a complaint can be calmed through being helpful and by showing that you care. Don’t be drawn into any kind of argument. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.