How to Make and Use Your Manifestation Box

Manifesting with a manifestation box is a great way to use your creativity to focus on what you want to achieve in your life. 

There are many ways to manifest, but one popular method is using a manifestation box also known as a wish box.

No matter if you are new to manifesting or have been doing it for years, manifestation boxes can be a great asset in achieving your goals.

Here is the scoop on making a manifestation box!

All About Manifesting

Manifesting is the process of bringing something into your life through manifestation techniques.

It is the act of creating or attracting what you desire through the power of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

In other words, manifestation is using the law of attraction to bring things into your life.

The manifestation process begins with having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Then, you must take action steps towards your goal, and finally, manifestation occurs when the universe brings your manifestation to fruition.

While manifestation can occur naturally without any assistance, using manifestation techniques like a manifestation box.

This can help you to focus your thoughts and emotions on your desired outcome and increase the chances of manifestation.

If you experience any head pain during manifestation be sure to do a temple rub. This will help relieve the tension you have.

What is a Manifestation Box?

A manifestation box is simply a container that you fill with items that represent what you want to manifest in your life. 

The idea behind it is that as you add items to the box, you are also adding your energy and intention to manifest those things in your life.

This intention box is filled with amazing things that you want to manifest.

If you don’t have a box you can use a mason jar and a small piece of paper to write down what you want to manifest. It doesn’t need to be a full page but a brief description.

You can have a plain box or just decorate the lid of your box. 

What Can You Put in Your Box?

For your manifestation box, you can put in anything you want to manifest. 

You can start off with a plain wooden box and then add a little sparkle to it!

This might be affirmation cards, meditation cards, money, a letter of intent, business goals, deepest desires, or any other small objects or special items. 

As long as they fit into your box let your imagination run wild. This isn’t a one-time thing so feel free to add or take away from your box. 

Your weekly intentions may change from time to time, by keeping your box up to date is an effective way to get the most out of your manifestation

The selection results of your items will start to show up individually through your manifestation process.

How to Make a Manifestation Box

The great thing about your own manifestation box is that you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like.

It all depends on what you want to put in it and how much time you have to dedicate to making it.

If you buy a complete kit be sure to read the manifestation box instructions especially if it’s your first time.

Steps For Making a Manifestation Box

1. Gather your materials.

For the first step, you will need a box (preferably with a lid) and any items that you want to put inside. You can use a shoe box or any new box to start off with.

2. Cleanse your space.

This is optional, but it can be helpful to cleanse your space before you start making your manifestation box.

This helps to clear any negative energy that might be present.

3. Choose your intention.

What do you want to manifest for your best life?

This is the most important step in making your manifestation box because it will guide everything else that you do.

4. Gather items for your manifestation box.

Once you know what you want to manifest, start gathering items that represent it.

For example, if you want to manifest a new job, you might include items like a resume, a business card, or a picture of yourself in a professional setting.

You can add a personalized gemstone bracelet or any new products you have.

5. Assemble your manifestation box.

Once you have all of your items, it’s time to put them all together in your manifestation box.

Take your time with this step and really focus on your intention as you do it.

6. Charge your manifestation box.

This is optional, but it can be helpful to charge your manifestation box with energy.

You can do this by using a crystal, singing or chanting over it, or even just holding it in your hands and visualizing your intention.

7. Put your manifestation box in a special place.

Once it’s all finished, choose a special place to keep your manifestation box. This could be on your altar, by your bedside, or even just in a spot where you will see it every day.

The manifestation box technique is a kind of box that lets you express what you want to manifest and have in the future.

Add in visualization exercises to help with seeing what you want to manifest. 

Your box would be great as a vision box, ideal gift, or the ​​best self-care kit. A manifest kit is special to each individual so handle it with care. 

How to Use Your Manifestation Box

Once you have your manifestation magic box all finished, it’s time to start using it! 

The great thing about manifestation boxes is that there is no right or wrong way to use them. It all depends on what feels right for you.

There are many powerful manifestation tool options you can use to create positive energy. 

The best way to use it is as a monthly practice. When you use your creation box for manifestation practice you create a habit of being persistent.

The only way to see evidence of these things is by being consistent. 

1. Take Deep Breaths

When you want to use your manifestation box, the first thing you should do is take a few deep breaths and relax.

Then, focus on your intention for the manifestation box. Really take some time to visualize what you want to achieve.

2. Focus On Your Intention

After you have taken some time to focus on your intention, start going through the items in your manifestation box.

As you do, really take the time to think about each item and what it represents. Visualize how each item will help you to achieve your goal.

3. Visualize

When you are finished looking at the items in your manifestation box, take a few more deep breaths and really focus on your intention.

Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Then, close your manifestation box and say a little prayer or use powerful affirmations.

Some people like to keep their manifestation boxes private, while others like to share them with friends or family. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It all depends on what feels right for you.

If you do decide to share your manifestation box with someone, be sure to explain what it is and how it works. This will help them to understand your intention and to respect your manifestation process.

Manifestation boxes are a great way to focus your energy and intention on manifesting your desires. By taking the time to make and use one, you can really supercharge your manifestation efforts!

The best part is when you can start to feel the manifestation process working for you.

Manifesting under a full moon allows you to realse anything that no longer serves you anymore in the present tense. You can check the astrology forecast to see when their will be a full moon.

While a new moon is all about new beginnings. On the first day of a new year it is a great idea to manifest under a full moon.

Crystals for Manifesting

When you are manifesting,  there are certain small crystals that can be helpful. Here are some of the best crystals for manifestation:

If you are interested in using crystals for manifestation, be sure to choose ones that resonate with you. A selenite crystal is also great to help that burning desire you want to manifest. 

You can also charge your manifestation box with crystals to give it an extra boost of manifestation power!

Final Thoughts

Manifestation boxes are a fun and easy way to focus your manifestation efforts. You can also use essential oils, palo santo sticks, a manifestation journal, or a vision board set to manifest.

For energy clearing, you can use a cleansing room spray, an elegant humidifier lamp, or an organic sage mist to rid away any negative energy.

By taking the time to make and use one, you can really supercharge your manifestation process. We should also thank mother earth for all the key elements she has provided us with.

Weekly manifestation and natural purifying is a powerful way to begin manifesting consistently. Success stories don’t happen overnight so take your time and be patient. 

On a side note, you can use your box as a prayer box for fresh starts. There are many manifestation book options to choose from to help with manifest magic and the selection process of new things for your box.

For any boss female check out the girl boss gift box for ideas or a holistic subscription box with gogh jewelry design products.

You can also check out any of Jerry Hicks books to give you clarity on what you want to manifest and how.

So, what are you waiting for? Start manifesting your dreams today!

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