How To Make Your Fitness Goals Stick

We’re halfway through January and now’s the time where most people let go of their health and fitness resolutions. It’s not that they don’t have the will to stick with them, it’s just that it’s often boring to try and stick to a health plan when you’re only doing it because it’s January! If you waited all the way until the start of 2022 to do more for your health, then it’s time to let go of the calendar constraints and start focusing on doing something for your health because you want to, and not because you feel pressured to do it in the first palace. 

When it comes to putting your health and fitness goals first, it really helps to have the professionals guide you and help you to learn what you can do to keep yourself on the straight and narrow. You deserve the very best for your health and that means prioritizing it properly. You can learn about Ladder pre-workout and you can get the best possible shape with the right fitness program. The problem? It takes WORK to get those things happening and make your resolutions and fitness goals stick. Below, we’ve got all of the tips you coil need to ensure that your fitness goals are in one piece and sticking beside you through the year.

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  1. Believe you can do it.

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to your fitness goals is to dig deep and find that motivation. There are fitness instructors out there who will tell you that you don’t need motivation – that this is a luxury emotion and you should workout anyway. The thing is, if you can’t believe in yourself that you can stick to it, you won’t. You have to get yourself a diary and write down all of your reasons to get fit in the first place. You have to be your own ‘why’ and if you’re not, what are you really doing it all for? Your health has to be first, and that starts with understanding a little more about why you feel the need to get fit. Is it something that you want or is it something you feel you should do because Happy New Year?

  1. Make a proper impact on yourself

Are you done with pasting images to the outside of the refrigerator? Good, because it doesn’t work. Instead, you will end up deciding to eat the food anyway and defy the people you see in front of you. Cutting and sticking celebrity bodies won’t help you to get fit. You don’t have the personal chef, the million trainers and hours of time to do nothing but buff and polish your body – and they do. Instead, figure out another way to make an impact on yourself. Put messages on your water bottle to encourage you to drink up, and put pictures of your own body on your diary front page so that you can see the person you want to be – yourself!

  1. Remember to check yourself.

Those high expectations that you have for yourself? They’re not always a good thing. The pressure that you put on yourself is never going to be easy and if you don’t see the body you want right away, you’re likely to give up and never get going again. Instead of adding more pressure to yourself, work on consistency. It took you a while to add the weight to your body, to get out of shape with your fitness. This means that you have to monitor your own expectations, remove the pressure and stop telling yourself that because you’re not fit within two weeks, you’ve failed. You haven’t failed. The mental and emotional changes take the most time, so you have to give it to yourself.

  1. Get your house ready

If you want to make your fitness goals stick in place, then you need to figure out how to get your house ready. If you’re exercising at home, you need to ensure that you are equipped to do it. As well as this, you need to make your house friendly to your health. If you want to get fit, it starts with not having decadent food everywhere and you need to have the right equipment to make sure you do your home workouts. Keep fitness DVDs and motivational song playlists handy, as well as gym equipment and handheld equipment, too. If you know your house is ready to help, you’ll be fired up and ready to make those fitness goals stick!

  1. Make that commitment.

Often, it can take something like joining the gym or paying for a class to give you the push you need to stick to it. If you’re paying for it, you’re more willing to go for it. Booking a gym induction and hiring a trainer can help you to feel obligated to do more with your fitness and that’s okay! It’s okay to be motivated by your own money. Set those workout clothes out the night before and leave the packed gym bag in the car for when you go – you then cannot say that you forgot your stuff.  

  1. Be fluid

Do you really need to block in four to five hours a week of exercise to get fit? Absolutely not! You can gently work your way through workouts in as little as ten minutes every night. You don’t have to do exercises that isolate just one part of the body at a time, either. One ten minute workout before you go to sleep will help you to maintain some sense of control over your fitness. Don’t over promise your own fitness goals. All you will end up doing is saying enough is enough – and you want more than that.

  1. Try not to rest

It’s often common for those who are working out to rest in between every single set. You could try out supersets, which means that you work the same muscle group without resting between sets. For example, alternating bicep curls with tricep dips without a break to do another muscle group can help you to concentrate on a particular body part with ease.

  1. Step it up

If you’re concerned about your fitness, then start working on your steps first. Get out into the world and go for a walk first before you do anything else, and you’ll be breathing in the fresh air while you move your body. Sometimes, your steps are all you need to ensure that you are moving and getting fitter; you don’t always have to be pounding out the weights in the gym, you know!

  1. Articulate your goals. 

If you want to get fit, write that down. If you want to get a personal trainer and be in the gym, do that, too. If you know what you want, you will be better equipped to figure your goals and how to get there. You might want to work your legs, work your arms or simply just feel part of a community. The weight loss and fitness communities can do that for you.

  1. Choose the right gym. 

If a part of you getting fit means you want to join a gym, it’s time to get some research done. You need a gym that will be able to help you to meet your goals, so you need one that will ensure that you have the right trainers, the right childminders for the kids on site and the right help with nutrition. If you have a nutritionist, they can help you with pre-workout information, diet help and more. You need to have the right gym to help you to meet your goals.

  1. Get support

Your family and friends are your first support and you need them around you if you hope to make your goals a reality. The people at the gym will act like a second family, too, and they will be able to help and guide you towards your fitness goals. The more support you have, the better chance you have at getting your goals right!

  1. Check the qualifications of those who can help

From the personal trainer you hire to the nutritionist you bring in, you need to check all of the qualifications of the people designed to help you. You need to ensure that you are getting help from the very best, and that means choosing well when it comes to your health and fitness goals. Ask for references from clients, too, as you want to know that you have the right information to succeed.

  1. Bring in extra help

If your fitness goals just aren’t working out for you, invest in yourself. You might have a trainer, but are they the best? Find someone who is a specialist in your area and get them on board with helping you to become a better you. 

  1. Save cash as you go

If you want your fitness goals to stick, you need to know that you aren’t going to hemorrhage money while you do it. You want to get fit, not skinny your bank account! So, save some cash by being smart in yourself-investment. Your goals are going to stick when you do this!

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