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How to Read More Books When You’re Busy!

Times are hectic. It’s no surprise if you haven’t had time to read like you used to or had always wanted to read more, but found it difficult to find the time for it. That’s totally okay. Making the change is what matters most. There’s so much information and stories out there, so use your time wisely to learn. Check out some tips on how to read more books when you’re busy!


1. Audiobooks

I see this brought up a LOT, but audiobooks are a great way to read and do count as a valid form of reading. If you have to commute to work it is incredibly easy to pop in the headphones and pull up a book of your choice. While you do chores around the house you can listen, and while you do anything you can listen. They’re best to listen to when you have idle work and are easily accessible.

The best places to find audiobooks: Audible, Hoopla, and Libby. The last two resources only require a library card to access tons of audiobooks.

2. Resist the Urge to Scroll

This can be hard. I struggle with this too. However, when you find yourself scrolling mindlessly through Twitter or Instagram try putting the phone down. It’s one of the biggest distractions of reading! In order to read more books getting rid of that urge to scroll through your social media.

When I read a physical book, I try to leave my phone in another room so my distractions are minimal. If I am reading something really good, I don’t notice, and neither will you.


3. Pick a Place to Read

So you work at your desk, you eat at the dining room table, and you sleep in your bed, but where do you read? Picking a designated spot to read in your home will trick your brain into wanting to read when you go there. Plenty of people read in their beds, sure, but if you want to read and retain more I would refrain from this. Sometimes you want to fall asleep the moment you get comfy.

Use the chair in the corner of your room or the porch. Going here every time you read will make you more focused and ready to go.

4. Find Something Exciting

This can be a little difficult if you’re trying to get into the swing of things, luckily, we already have an article for this. Though, in order to read more, it does help to find THE book. If you are a busy person, then you wouldn’t want to waste your time on something mediocre. Time is valuable, so use it wisely.


5. Use a Timer

This is one of the most motivating tools to get me to read. Do you have half an hour to kill? Then set a timer for 30 minutes and read! Challenge yourself to go the full 30 and if you can’t, just try again next time. Setting aside a time to just read is one of the best things you can do. Think about it this way: it’s just 30 minutes in a 24-hour day, you can do it. So set that timer and get going!

6. Know Your Limits & Set Goals

Know your limits: How many words can you read in a minute? How many pages can you normally read in one sitting? How long are the books you like to read? If you’re willing to read a wordy classic, would you be able to retain a lot of information? If you read a self-help book, will you take notes? What’s your reading style? Ask yourself these questions so you can plan accordingly and get the most out of a reading session.

Set goals: How many days would you like to finish reading a book? If a book, for example, has 300 pages, make a goal to read 50 pages a day, so you can finish it in a week. Keep making goals like this and you’ll roughly read 52 books a year. Set goals to read more books and you’ll be amazed by how much you read.

7. Force a Friend to Read

Yes, force a friend to read. Nothing gets the motivation going like having someone beside you. Start a mini book club that fits your busy schedules. Talking about a good book with someone makes you feel excited and eager to read. If you’ve read ahead of your friend, there’s nothing more satisfying than the friend finally getting to THAT part. It’s an activity that not only gets you to read more but can also be a bonding activity with those you love.


Keep these tips in mind the next time you think “I should be reading more.” If this thought crosses your mind then you’re already on your way to reading more! These 7 tips to read more books have helped me and will definitely help you!

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