How to Tell If A Scorpio Woman Likes You: 25 Signs

When you see a Scorpio woman flirt, you will know she’s interested even if your first time together – either overtly or covertly – so you won’t have to guess how she feels about you. She’ll actually laugh out loud at your attempts to flirt with her, and not just politely giggle.

It means she wants you to ask her out and is waiting for a sign from you before saying yes. The only question is: how do you read the signals in a scorpio female?

Here is the scoop on how to tell if a Scorpio woman likes you!

1. Avoiding eye contact.

She may give you a clear sign right away that she likes you and you are the perfect man, and may not look directly at you when you are together. She may stare across the room or look away when your eyes meet on your first date.

The first thing and one of the best things to remember though, this is how the you may see your scorpio woman act towards water signs or fire signs for a long time because she’s is feeling shy because, and she has the pressure of wanting it to be a good memory. This doesn’t mean she isn’t having a good time.

2. She makes excuses to be near you

This is one of the signs of the zodiac that will do anything to spend time with you if she holds romantic interest or has strong feelings. After the first date, and especially if you are a taurus man, cancer man, leo man, aries man, or scorpio man.

This scorpio girl won’t have a hard time volunteering to help you with the little things which is a good sign, getting to know you in emotional depth, or offer other legitimate reasons why she wants to see you regularly or even just make small talk with you. So, she is one of the best matches if you want a good listener.

3. She follows your lead in conversation topics

If you talk about serious matters with this romantic partner or air sign even in a different social situation, so will she, if humorous topics are your forte, she’ll try to keep a straight face while sharing a joke with you.

If this happens, this is one of the telltale signs that she has bought into the idea that spending time with you is enjoyable and fun! She is an open book as well in a good way, so you won’t have hard time talking about your personal life.

4. She comes up with reasons for physical contact.

If your hands brush against each other when reaching for something or bumping into each other unintentionally, Scorpio women make up excuses to touch you. She loves physical intimacy, and may do it casually while reaching for something, or she may deliberately follow up with a gesture that is more personal.

5. Laughs at jokes about herself, but easily gets offended by remarks about others.

In a Scorpio’s life, she tends not to take herself too seriously and has a good sense of humor which might be self-deprecating and a power struggle on occasion. However, don’t try joking about other people in her company because she’s extremely unforgiving when it comes to making fun of friends or family members!

6. Makes excuses to get on your phone contact list.

This is another sign that means “I want you!” A Scorpio woman will go out of her way (usually via email) to make sure you have her number and can contact her at any time. She’s as eager as you are to start a romantic relationship, but she wants to make sure you’re serious about it before taking the next step!

7. Tries to get close – without being obvious about it.

You may find that a scorpio likes to sit close to you on the sofa or spends more time than usual in your company and seems genuinely happy about developing a romantic relationship and getting you out of the friend zone.

If this is happening and its scorpio season, don’t assume she has bad intentions because all Scorpio women respect personal space boundaries- unless of course they really like you and see you as a potential partner.

8. Coincidental behavior

If this fixed sign of scorpio shows up at places where your friends said they were going but never invited her or appears unexpectedly outside your house, give it some thought. There’s a good chance she’s dropping subtle hints about the way she feels and wants to spend more time with you especially if you are the perfect balance of the sun signs.

9. She makes excuses for misbehavior on her part, but has no trouble pointing out your faults

If you (a Leo man) catch her in an error or doing something she shouldn’t be such as borrowing one of your possessions without asking since she’s a confident individual, and she’ll apologize profusely and may even offer to give it back without your having noticed that it was missing.

This is the sign of a Scorpio woman who likes you because she will go out of her way to keep from hurting your feelings– whereas if she isn’t interested, you’ll hear a sharp reprimand instead which isn’t the worst thing in the world!

10. She treats you nicely at parties – especially if you are the only person she knows there.

If the scorpio zodiac sign behavior changes when you two are in a social setting with lots of other people around, this is an obvious sign your scorpio lady is experiencing shyness that comes from liking you and this is one of the subtle signs.

It’s human nature to take on different roles depending on who else is around, so her happy-go-lucky persona may disappear and return unexpectedly later!

11. Gets jealous easily.

She has high standards and a strong intuition when it comes to a life partner, and may not let your female friends or relatives address you directly without interfering or interrupting even though they’ve never met her before. This jealousy isn’t personal because Scorpio ladies are generally very cordial to strangers, but don’t consider them threats either!

She is the only person in the best way, who will understand if you show a lot of care and attention to your family members and buddies, she’ll be reassured that you’re not about to make a play for another woman and not playing mind games or be your worst enemy.

12. A feigned “accidental” brush of the hands or arms against you

When a Scorpio lady likes a man, her best friend is her instinct and it’s going haywire when she gets close enough to touch your arm with hers!

If this happens in a crowded room where there are lots of people around, chances are something stronger than coincidence is at work here because these kinds of accidental touches happen all the time without leading to anything more serious! She may love public displays of affection.

13. She becomes possessive right away, but doesn’t trust easily either.

She isn’t a total control freak, but she will want to know who you’re hanging out with and what you’ve been up to even if she’s never met them before. In some cases, you’ll have to give her a complete rundown of your day and even reveal your plans for the weekend!

If you’re going out with a Scorpio woman who likes you, she’ll want to know every detail of what goes on in your life.

14. She can’t stand gossip or trash talk of any sort about people in general or anyone in particular around you.

Her sense of honor is one of the personal details that is very important when it comes to protecting others’ reputations and if someone is badmouthing another individual, she will come to their defense immediately…no matter how seemingly unimportant the culprit is in our eyes!

Even if this means offending everyone else present at the time, don’t be surprised if she makes a point of telling them to shut up so you don’t have to hear their “vile” commentary.

15. She’ll give you the silent treatment, and immediately forgive it when you apologize for something really awful that you said or did.

A Scorpio woman who likes someone isn’t going to let that person off the hook easily—unless, of course, he makes an honest effort at seeing things from her perspective and changing his ways!

When a Scorpio lady is mad at a guy she’s dating, she’s likely to ignore all contact with him for as long as possible even though she has trouble staying angry in general. This temporary silence gives her time to cool off process everything without feeling like they’re being put on the spot.

16. She won’t be afraid to admit it when she doesn’t know something and will listen closely when you explain it to her instead of walking away or making a joke about it. 

When a scorpio woman that takes her birth date seriously likes a man (a gemini man or pisces man more specifically), she may not understand what he’s trying to say to essentially make him talk more about his interests and express his wisdom especially if this is one of the new things she has experienced.

Even since sometimes  there are aggressive types of men. This doesn’t mean they are the least compatible signs or you are a bad match on an emotional level . The good news is, she wants to know all there is to know about his topic of expertise to create a strong bond or a deep connection!

If this happens while the two of you are talking, it’s not the worth thing in the world that she will remain interested and attentive until you’re finished speaking because she wants to learn from your superior knowledge and wisdom.

17. She tells you about her parents, and even introduces you!

She may not even mention them unless you ask her about family and if you find out that they’re alive and well, there’s a very good chance the Scorpio lady likes you! Her folks won’t make a play for you either because Scorpios are naturally private people who do their best to shield their emotions from inquisitive eyes.

18. She is always studying your behavior and actions, looking for signs of what you really think about her.

Your purse or pocket is upside-down? Her head follows it as you walk past. You laugh at something funny she says but don’t acknowledge the fact that she said it? She’ll be highly offended until someone else starts laughing too! If a Scorpio woman likes you, she pays attention to every gesture and facial expression because her interest in you is gradually turning into love.

19. She acts overly familiar with you…but not too familiar!

She isn’t going to want to smother or scare away the guy she’s crushing on because thats an ultimate goal of hers, so if he pulls back slightly by responding less intensely than usual, she’ll tone down her enthusiasm accordingly.

Scorpios don’t like feeling rejected any more than anyone else does but they’re also adaptable enough to embrace different things and changes in their environment that allow them to maintain control of their emotions at all times.

20. She gets nervous around you sometimes…and other times acts completely confident about your relationship even though it’s only been a short time!

If a Scorpio woman likes you, it’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach when she’s around because she’s different than anyone else you’ve ever dated and could be your perfect match! One minute, her confidence will be strong and the next, she’ll start second-guessing herself.

This emotional rollercoaster is stimulating for you both on some level but no matter what, she won’t give up easily…or at all!

21. She acts excited every time you make plans with her…even if it’s not a “date”.

A Scorpio woman who likes you will always keep any promise that she makes to you—if anything, making sure that she doesn’t let someone as important to her as you down becomes an even greater priority on her to-do list. If you invite her out with your friends, she’ll know the difference between being there as a friend versus being “the date” which is why asking her if she can make it isn’t necessary.

22. She tells you about herself in detail…even if she doesn’t have to!

It’s not solely due to how much she likes you that makes a Scorpio woman want to share intimate details of her life with you; more likely, this level of trust and openness is the result of spending time with you and realizing what kind of person you are (which usually happens after feeling comfortable around someone for quite some time).

If she talks about really personal stuff on the first or date or even on any random evening, the Scorpio woman is into you, you may even be able to tell by her body language.

23. She lets you know that you’re different to her than other men she’s not as attracted to.

Scorpio women have been known to keep a little black book of men that they’re not interested in but even if she’s dated a lot of people, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to play games with you! If she says something like, “You’re different from other guys,” this is one hundred percent a compliment and the reason why is because you’ve sparked her curiosity enough to ask questions about your past relationships and what makes you different from everyone else.

24. She makes an effort to learn more about you…even if it takes time.

It shouldn’t take long for a Scorpio woman who likes you to learn as much as possible about you which will include topics such as your childhood, family life, friends, career, education and even your favorite music and movies!

Maybe you’re just friends at first, but the second she senses that things are gradually becoming more serious between the two of you, she’ll start to show more interest in sides of your life that aren’t always”socially acceptable” and in a unique way.

25. She tells you stuff about herself that most people don’t know…even if it’s something hard for her to share.

She does not want to be judged by an alpha male especially, so even if sharing this information makes her uncomfortable, a Scorpio woman will do so anyway because most likely, you’ll give her a positive response.

This is one of those situations where honesty truly is the best policy because without trust, there can’t be any kind of relationship and if she can’t trust you enough to open up, there’s no point in either one of you continuing with the friendship (and especially, not a romantic relationship).

Things To Remember About Dating a Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman can be challenging to understand on a deep level because she’s so different than the women who you’ve spent time with in the past, but it’s worth it in the end to develop a strong relationship.

They are also extremely successful like Emma Stone for example who is one of the most famous Scorpio women. That being said, if you have much experience dating a girl with these personality traits, there are some things that you should know about her before jumping into anything serious:

She prefers to keep what she has at home private, especially her innermost passions, unless you are part of that “home”. The one thing that most men (especially a libra man or cancer men) will find attractive about a Scorpio woman is how mysterious she can be but don’t think for a second that this means she’ll open up more over time—in fact, it’ll become the opposite!

The less you know about her relationship with her-boyfriends or any of her exes, the better! With that being said, if she tells you about them in detail at any point, this is a good sign. Most likely, she’ll talk about how things ended or what they may have done to each other which means that she’s more comfortable than most Scorpio women would be when it comes to discussing past relationships—it could even mean that SHE has moved on but HE hasn’t!

She might act like she doesn’t care…but trust us; she does!  When it comes to commitment and taking her relationship with you seriously (even when you aren’t officially together), your Scorpio woman is one of the most supportive girls out there because despite what you might think, she actually DOES want the best for you and your future together.

When A Scorpio Woman Likes You

She’ll tell you she doesn’t like sharing information about herself or is self conscious about her body hair or facial hair, let her talk to you about those insecurities as well and support her. What’s important is that once she trusts you, she won’t hesitate to share anything about her life with you which will include topics such as who hurt her in the past and how it made her feel.

When a Scorpio woman opens up like this, don’t think for a second that it was easy for her to do so because trust us; it probably wasn’t!

This magnetic personality type (especially when it comes to Scorpio women) has certain behaviors that can very well be described as possessive and if you ever catch them treating your friends poorly or acting insecure when you spend time with any of them, this means one thing: SHE’S DONE! 

Some famous zodiac sign woman are Emma Roberts, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Rachel Mcadams, and Whoopi Goldberg. This zodiac sign obviously means she is a powerful woman! If you see signs that a Scorpio woman likes you , hold on tight because these women are very difficult to get past their walls! But as long as you remember that they aren’t always so defensive about what they want out of life and love, it will give you hope.

We hope that these 25 signs a Scorpio woman likes you will help you to understand this complex yet truly unique personality type.  If you think you’re up for the challenge, good luck and remember; if she’s really worth it, there are certain things that she’ll never put up with because your future together is much more important than anything else.

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