How to Tell If A Taurus Woman Likes You: 24 Signs

Taurus women are known to be loyal and supportive girlfriends, but what are the signs that a taurus woman likes you? There are so many different ways that a Taurus woman can show her interest. Whether you are in love with a Taurus, or maybe just developing a small crush, we are here to help you!

Here is the scoop on the 24 signs that show that she’s into you!

1. She listens to you!

A Taurus woman wants to hear your voice every day. She loves hearing your voice on the phone because it makes her feel secure and happy when she knows where you are and what you’re doing (and who with). When the phone rings, her heart skips a beat in anticipation of talking to you.

2. She gives you space.

Taurus love is unmatched. She likes to feel independent and doesn’t want to suffocate you with her possessiveness, but she will ask for your opinion on something because she wants to know that you’re thinking about her – even when she’s not around. If the two of you live together, it won’t stop her from cooking a meal or buying groceries just for you.

3. She tries to impress you.

Taurus women will look at another star sign with passion, and look into what the partner in her romantic relationship likes and dislikes, then plans activities just for the two of you that will make you happy. It’s rare that you come across a sign of affection this genuine!

4. She makes plans with your friends too

If this Taurus female is already making plans with your friends – this is the best way and one of the most clear signs pointing to the fact that she likes you or wants to get closer to you by getting involved in your life outside of the relationship. She loves going the extra mile for you.

5. She loves kissing you!

signs that a taurus woman likes you

After taking so much time trying to win this Earth sign over – when she finally gives in and kisses you, she’ll be thinking about it all day long (you can tell by her body language)…and even tell her friends about your romantic date! Taurus woman flirt excessively when they like you. This is a good sign you and this Taurus girl have a connection.

6. She doesn’t care if other people know how much she adores you.

If your Taurean woman likes you – she’ll show it in her personal life or through her good music taste, which is something to consider with utmost importance. One of her distinct personality traits is that she is honest, and in the eyes of a Taurus woman, she won’t care if the whole world knows how much she loves being with you.

Also, she can’t wait to be with you again so this is one of the more obvious signs she likes you and won’t play mind games. There is nothing wrong with a little PDA even on a dinner date!

7. She wants to spend every second of everyday with you!

There’s no such thing as “quality time” when it comes to spending time with this goddess of love (from the planet Venus)…this fixed sign just wants more of you and maybe spend too much time with you (and to go out and get good food and fine wine every once and awhile).

If this sounds like her…it probably means that it’s one of the subtle signs she likes you very much and has for a long time…and even wants to take things to the next level and stay in it for the long haul!

8. She does all of the things that make you happy without asking for anything in return.  

A good thing is, she cooks what makes your mouth water and doesn’t complain about having to do it. She’s is a good cook, but is just happy that she gets to see you smile since you are her best friend, laugh and be happy because of her.

This is one of the finer things about a relationship where a Taurus woman likes you. Step out of your comfort zone so that you can get into daily routines with each other. This may be hard work but it is an important thing when it comes to finding the right person.

9. You’re the only thing on her mind at night.

If you’re her love interest, she doesn’t even need to be with you physically – just knowing how much you care about each other is enough for her and she will have a great time doing little things. It’s hard for her to fall asleep at night because she misses waking up next to your beautiful face…she wants it ALL!

10. She always tries to make your friends like her or become more interested in what they do.  

When your Taurus zodiac sign likes you and wants you to be a long-term partner, one of the sure signs and a personal ambition of hers is that she’ll go out of her way to get along with your friends – even if it means swallowing a little pride now and then on how Taurus man act.

She wants to show her love for you in other ways than just romantic gestures or by giving you material possessions, and will make the first move to spend quality time with you. Also, people are generally attracted to other Taurus people, and always have good times together, so your friends will most likely like her too!

11. She tells you she loves you as much as she can (without sounding corny, of course).

The Taurus sun sign feels weird about saying it first and doesn’t want to feel vulnerable by telling you before you do, but she’ll make sure that there’s no doubt in your mind about how much she cares for you…and the fact that she will always be by your side. 12.

She might introduce herself as your fiancée/wife before introducing herself as your girlfriend! When a Taurus girl likes someone – they have a natural inclination to put them on a pedestal and treat them like an actual spouse or partner even though nothing is official yet…it just means that it’s “on the menu” so to speak.

13. She’s not bothered by your past relationships.

She is aware of the fact that you’ve probably had more than one relationship during your lifetime, but she doesn’t act like any of your exes – or even talk about them. If they’re on her mind at all, it’s just because she feels something similar with you! 

14. She makes sacrifices for you.

When a Taurus is in love with someone – they don’t let anything stop them from making whatever sacrifice needs to be made in order to make things work (even if it means moving across country). They are always willing to do their part and fight for what they want, and this definitely includes you!

15. She’ll treat you with respect, even though she might have a bad temper.

She knows how to vent frustrations in healthy ways so that your relationship can continue to be built on trust, but not because she doesn’t get mad – which is why it’s important for her to keep calm!

16. She won’t mind being told what to do every once in a while.

When someone tells her that they need her attention or time – she gives it without too many questions asked. To give freedom means to also give responsibility – and this is something that Taurus women understand very well!  

17. She’ll do anything it takes to make you happy!

No matter what task needs to be done or how dirty it is, she’ll do her best to make sure that you’re not left wanting for anything.

18. She values your opinion more than anyone else’s.

When someone loves you, they want you to be their advisor – even if it means giving up prying ears. Your Taurus girl will always come to you first with questions or concerns because she knows that your advice won’t hurt her feelings!

19. You can never expect a Taurus woman to hold on to her anger (even though she has every right).  

If there is something wrong with the relationship, she won’t dwell on it for too long after bringing it up, so the only logical explanation is she isn’t mad at all! 

20. She’ll chase after you for a little while, but not forever!  

When she finds her ideal man, the first thing to make a good impression is that she’ll try her very best to get your attention – even if this means making a fool of herself in front of all of your friends with excessive eye contact, but when things start to get serious, you’d better be ready because she won’t play games anymore when it comes to her real estate.

21. There’s nothing romantic about fighting with her over petty things.

There may be a period of time when Taurean women might keep deep secrets to avoid hurting you. She also may not have common sense with her man’s heart and do something that needs addressed instead of having a big empty talk, but pay close attention.

Don’t mistake her anger for stubbornness because one thing is certain: the female Taurus thinks you are the right person. Her list of priorities will shift for you and same with another aspect of her life, they never hold on to resentment or rage for long and don’t leave after the slightest hint of betrayal once you are out of the friend zone!

She will take positive action when it comes to making major decisions, and take good care of her partner if you are a regular part of her life, no matter what happens.

22. She puts up boundaries once you’ve established yourself as her man.

Before you’re able to gain entry into a Taurus lady’s heart to see if you are the perfect match as a romantic partner, there’s a process that needs to be carried out first with this second sign of the horoscope (especially with Taurus men and a Leo man)!

In the Tarean women love life she has good taste and expects a little extra effort, this is one of the great things that just means sending the right signals and giving off positive vibes that will open doors for you when it comes time to get closer!

23. She often finds herself saying “If only he was more like ___!”  

When someone is in love with someone else, the Taurus signs will to notice a little bit what their partner lacks in comparison with others. But, unlike some women who pretend not to care or complain about it – she’ll always voice the frustration because the person in mind is YOU!

24. She’ll make sacrifices for your future together.

Even if this means having tough conversations about things like money or moving to a different city, Taurus women have a bright future, and are always willing to do their part for the sake of you both which is one of the most beautiful things about this woman!

25. She’ll surprise you from time to time with sweet gestures that will leave you wanting more…always! 

You may not be expecting it because your Taurus crush doesn’t make a habit out of showing her affection like other “clingy” partners do – but when your Taurus girl loves you the most is when she’s feeling generous and giving without reason or motive!

Things To Know About Dating A Taurus Woman

If you are dating a Taurus woman, you must know that she is very loyal and faithful and doesn’t just expect expensive gifts. She’ll never cheat on you because of her strong moral values which influence how she thinks and behaves.

They tend to be materialistic individuals who like to spend money (and earn it) but will save up for the future after expenses are met.

Taurus women take pride in their appearance and love life! If you’re not ready for a relationship, then they won’t cross the line even if they show interest. There’s nothing worse than a clingy girlfriend so don’t worry about coming home to an annoying person waiting for you or followers everywhere.

The Taurus woman can get annoyed easily although this doesn’t mean you should treat her with complete indifference – just take note of all the little things you do that annoy her and avoid them!

Taurus women aren’t very adventurous when it comes to trying new things but they will help you experience everything your heart desires. This includes traveling, outdoor activities and even eating food from different restaurants!!

If she loves doing something, she’ll do it all day so you better get ready for a kiss or cuddle when you least expect it!

A Taurus Woman In Love

You should also know that Taurus women take time to fall in love even though many think they are “selfish” when seeking commitment. Don’t expect an instant connection because this may not happen until much later down the road. 

At first, she might seem like a difficult person who is very hard to please but this is her defense mechanism when it comes to not getting hurt in the future. She’s very practical in terms of making choices that will affect both your lives together – which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you take advantage of her kind heart.

Taurus women are easy-going and take everything with a grain of salt (no pun intended). This means if she doesn’t get angry, it’s because she’s being considerate about your feelings, so things have the tendency to build up over time without you knowing!

A Taurus woman appreciates honesty so know that she won’t appreciate lies even if they’re “little white ones” you say to soften the blow. Although she trusts you enough to open up her feelings, she’ll never take kindly to deception.

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  1. *And when we finally consider falling in love, which takes time, then that is when we consider a potential partner. We stay single however long that consists of. We do not mind being alone.

    1. @Crystal Shelton, As a fellow Taurus, I very much so agree. When we are ready to be in a serious relationship we want it done right, with no games and we definitely need to be woo’d

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