How To Use Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers many options for its members including red light therapy.

The red infrared light therapy machine is a great tool to use before a workout and can be found at many gyms. This type of therapy can improve performance and endurance and can prevent muscle damage.

This means longer, more powerful workouts, with less soreness afterward.

Planet Fitness offers a a high-quality gym experience at an exceptional value. In the Judgement Free Zone, you always belong!

Be free, free to go at your own pace, to be any shape or size, and to be totally free of judgement. Planet Fitness offers great amenities and a calm, judgement free workout.

Planet Fitness has many workouts, training tools, and different programs available for its members. They have around 2,116 gyms in the United States!

Which means there’s sure to be one close by so take advantage of all their perks.

These include, but aren’t limited to weight machines, cardio machines (such as ellipticals and treadmills), and free weights.  

If you are a black card member at a planet fitness gym you have access to massage chairs, hydromassage, tanning booth, total body enhancement device, and get to bring a guest along!

Those looking for an edge in their workout routine may be interested in the benefits of red light therapy.

Red light therapy is a recent innovation gaining traction with gym-goers. It offers effective results without requiring any special equipment or being too time-consuming.

Other popular gyms use light therapies to boost cellular energy through uv light.

With the help of red light therapy and daily uses your whole body will being feeling great.

Here’s what you need to know about red light therapy before using it at your local planet fitness location!

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of visible light to accelerate the repair of injured tissue, reduce inflammation, promote circulation, and detoxify the body.  

Red light therapy achieves these effects by increasing ATP production in cells. ATP is a chemical that provides energy to power all cellular functions.

The use of red light therapy is to create enough energy for desired results such as healthier skin, relieve skin issues, pain relief, and tissue repair through infrared rays.

Planet fitness uses Beauty Angel RVT light therapies so that its members get the whole-body vibration effect, muscle mass growth, no sun damage, fat cells reduced, and connective tissue healed.

Fitness fans will love this red device and the great results!

How does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy works by increasing blood flow to damaged muscle tissues or injuries where blood flow may be restricted.

This increased blood flow speeds up the elimination of toxins and delivers more oxygen and nutrient-rich red blood cells. All while removing metabolic waste products such as lactic acid.

By accelerating the natural cleansing process and speeding up the delivery of much-needed nutrients to fatigued muscles, red light therapy can significantly improve muscle recovery times after exercise.

Also called Total Body Enhancement Machine, members at Planet Fitness can utilize this whenever they need it.

Following the total body enhancement machine uses the human body significantly increases in blood circulation.

What are the Benefits of Red Light Fitness Therapy?

Red light therapy is an effective method of improving the condition of individuals with osteoarthritis, muscle injuries and muscle soreness, tendon and ligament injuries, scar tissue and stretch marks, and nerve disorders.

The benefits of red light therapy include increased circulation for faster removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste products following exercise.

Red light therapy benefits also increase ATP production in cells which enhances energy metabolism. Increasing post-workout energy levels means you can work out harder even on the vibrating plate!

Finally, red light therapy speeds up injury recovery time so you can go back to pumpin’ iron sooner.    

The use of infrared lights also stimulates hair growth and boosts the production of collagen. The collagen production that’s present when the red light machine is on prevents hair loss and shrinks pore size.

With the proper nutrition and strength training, this low-level light therapy is a great addition to your daily workouts.

How Can I Benefit from Using Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness?

Red light therapy is a great supplement to your current workout routine.  

Anyone who works out will see benefits from red light therapy through improved blood flow and subsequent oxygenation of muscle tissues.

Additionally, individuals with joint pain may find that red light therapy allows them to exercise more comfortably and for longer periods of time, potentially increasing their strength at the same time!

Finally, anyone who’s taken a hard fall off the elliptical or treadmill and has some angry-looking bruises can benefit from red light therapy because this technology helps speed up injury recovery time.   

This red light therapy device is a total body enhancement work out. Your entire body will thank you after trying out this effective treatment.

Your immune system will also be thanking you.

The great results you see from red light therapy bulbs help to prevent possible infections, adenosine triphosphate, reduce the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

The more total body enhancement machine uses and fat burning you do the fewer adverse effects you’ll see.

How to use Red Light Therapy Booth

Go to any Planet Fitness location and ask about their red light therapy.  

Facilities with red light therapy will have a separate room within the facility dedicated to this type of technology. Go into this room and find out what your options are for purchasing time on the machine (they typically have different packages available).  

Many Planet Fitness locations offer red light therapy for no more than 10 dollars per session.  

Additionally, some locations have a partner company called RedLightMan who offers package deals on red light treatment sessions.

If this is your first time once you’ve purchased your time or package, go back into the dedicated room. Find an open station and set up your timer or cell phone, then lay down on the bed or table.  

Turn off any flashing lights in the led device room (including anything on or around you) and leave the door open.  Turn on your timer or phone, then relax for 10-20 minutes while the red light therapy is in effect.

When you turn off your timer/phone, make sure to rest another 5-10 minutes after the session before getting up — this helps the effects of red light therapy take place without interruption.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy at Planet Fitness aids in post-workout muscle recovery. It helps reduce joint pain and inflammation.

For the best results use the red light therapy machine 3-5 minutes immediately prior to exercise to precondition the muscles and prevent injury.

Immediately after working out use the red light therapy bed for 10-20 minutes to accelerate recovery.

Red light therapy doesn’t support weight gain but does help with weight loss. It is recommended that you use the red light beds for at least 6 sessions before you can see results.

With minimal side effects, there are some cons of total body enhancement and the use of infrared light energy.

Through clinical trials and clinical studies, cancer patients should be cautious of the harmful effects of low-level laser therapy. This therapy is not a skincare treatment and will not change your skin tone as a tanning booth would do.

This treatment does repair and keeps your skin cells healthy. Although infrared lights are not wound healing they are a natural way to speed up the healing process from burns.

Always use eye protection to protect your eyes from the uv rays and red light wavelengths. Laboratory studies recommend home use as being efficient as well when using the right light source.

Another great benefit is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles when using this type f therapy.

Given that Planet Fitness doesn’t usually have a sauna, the Total Body Enhancement Machine is a great post-workout recovery option!

Planet Fitness Red Light Therpay Membership Deals

Planet Fitness is currently partnering with to offer membership deals for red light therapy sessions at Planet Fitness locations nationwide.  

The deal allows members of any gym to purchase discounted red light therapy packages which include a special remote control that can be used on any red light machine at any Planet Fitness location in the United States.

The membership deal is currently running at $99.99 for 30 days of access to the red light machines — about $3 per day!

Planet Fitness will be providing members with free towels (to prevent slipping) and water before and after sessions, as well as comfortable robes during their session.

This membership deal will give members a great new way to get in shape while saving money on health, wellness and beauty!

Why You Should Join Planet Fitness Today

The company offers low-priced memberships and no contracts (there’s nothing to sign).  There’s no initiation fee — joining Planet Fitness means you save money from the very first day you go!  

Planet Fitness locations are currently open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which also helps save money as well as working out on your time.

There you have it everything you need to know about red light therapy and the total body enhancement machine uses at Planet Fitness, the benefits of it, how to use it, and how it works.

Be sure to check out the planet fitness total body enhancement machine and benefits next time you are there!

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  1. Unless I missed something, this article does not mention anything about “how to use the red-light therapy machine” which is specifically why I read the article.

    1. @Melissa, when u enter the machine you will see a control pad. Up down left right. Use the left right buttons to select your settings. Music, fan, and vibration level 1 to 4. You will raise the levels by pressing up on your desired setting. The machine will vibrate cool u down and play music. To switch settings look at the yellow light and press right each time to switch between settings. Again u increase by pressing up. The red light will turn on and it will do the work for u. Hope this helps.

    2. @Melissa,
      For the best results use the red light therapy machine 3-5 minutes immediately prior to exercise to precondition the muscles and prevent injury.

      Immediately after working out use the red light therapy bed for 10-20 minutes to accelerate recovery.

  2. This article is filled with unsubstantiated “claims” – this is nothing more than a fluff piece. You cite no scientific studies and have no expert knowledge in fitness or physiology and are making false statements about the benefits of using this machine. Complete GARBAGE!

    1. @Patricia, Have lung disease since 1985. Medications have destroyed my body. Google “Prednisone” and see what the long term effects are for yourself. I just got off it in March of 2022 after consistent high doses. Could not use the gym due to covid but immediately saw the downside when I could not use the “red light” My skin is destroyed and this machine actually strengthens it to the point that I can open a box of cereal without sustaining cuts to my body. So while there you claim there is no evidence I have talked to my doctors and they have recommended that I can return to the gym and use it. today was my first day back in 2 1/2 years. Will let you know more if you want after several weeks.

    2. @Stefan Karlic, thank you! I have autoimmune diseases(3) and the meds have given me cirrhosis and pulmonary fibrosis, along with the lovely effects of busing and thin skin.
      This bed sounds to good to be true! And loose some of the prednisone weight too!! Wow!
      Please keep me informed!! Good luck

  3. The total body enhance machine I used on Florida Ave planet fitness. Never did I see a red light on while I was using the machine. It only got red when I closed the door and then bright white lights. Don’t use the machine if you have any kind of health issues. It destroyed me. Unfortunately my doctor didn’t think anything about and said sure, I don’t see why not. The last time used was my 3rd time in it. And destroyed me. Lupus sle

  4. This definitely works…
    my GSD had a knee injury,could barely walk and winced in pain. Took her for physical therapy and this was the treatment they used along with water therapy. Initially, it was a struggle to get near her she was in such pain. After two sessions she walked in and laid down for the therapist. It was astonishing to me. We were both grateful.

  5. I wasn’t given any water or towels before or after.
    If that’s a mandatory the my Planet fitness, on menaul in Albuquerque New Mexico, is slacking.

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