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How To Wake Up and Be Happy Without A Drop of Coffee

It’s almost impossible to argue with the greatness of coffee, especially given half of all adults rely on it as a means of waking up each and every morning. We open our eyes, fall out of bed, roll down the stairs, weep silently as the kettle boils and then finally get to smile and operate as we taste that first sip of coffee. Mmmmm.


However, coffee isn’t exactly a harmless medicine. In fact, it has been linked to a few detrimental health issues, ranging from physical to mental, but we won’t tell you what they are right now because we don’t want to depress you.

But don’t worry, because cutting coffee out of your morning ritual does not mean you will miserable every day until the end of time. Nor does it mean you will be eternally drained, exhausted, tired and irritable, and that is because there are plenty of healthy alternatives to kickstart your morning.

What’s more, we’re going to tell you what they are:

The Apple Of Your Eye

You’ve probably heard the rumors but dismissed the truth. Well, the rumors are true. One bite of an apple is more than enough to jolt you into an invigorated state of mind, ready to take on any task on any day. The reason for this is apples contain a seriously awesome level of natural sugars (yay) and carbohydrates. However, a great way to maximize the effects of an apple in the morning, you should try pairing your apple with an epic source of yummy protein, such as natural yogurt. Who doesn’t love a fruit salad with natural yogurts?

Try Some New Herbal Teas

We’re not trying to urge you into a life of dull teas like green tea or chamomile. But we are trying to open your eyes to a brave new world of incredible flavors that have mega health benefits, and the top of our list in this respect is organic Matcha tea. What is Matcha? Well, it is a shade-grown all natural and powdered green tea from Japan. The reason it is so damn good for you, though, is that it is extremely high in a bunch of awesomeness, such as antioxidants, amino acids, and a ton of other nutrients. It has also been enjoyed by Zen-Buddhist Monks for almost a thousand years as a serious ingredient to their good health, and when have Zen-Buddhist Monks ever been wrong about good health tips.

Exercise Is Pretty Good

You may not be too motivated by rolling out of bed and heading into the rain to run for a bit, and that is totally fine because exercise doesn’t have to mean running. Exercise can be anything that gets your blood flowing, which will, in turn, boost your mood levels as well as your energy levels. So run on the spot for thirty seconds, or stretch your whole body up and out, or do some star jumps. Or why not replace your entire coffee-drinking process with a short exercise routine. On average it takes eight minutes to boil the kettle, brew a coffee and drink the entire contents of a mug, so why not enjoy an eight-minute workout.

Shake Up The Shower

Okay, so this one is slightly extreme. However, it is also used by plenty of celebs and good-looking people who don’t want to be left haggard by the effects of coffee or old age. What they do is this; they run a cold shower, jump into the water for thirty seconds, then run it hot, then blast themselves with a final thirty-second of cold water. Yuk. But don’t despair because there is a slightly less horrendous way of getting the same results, and this is how; run the shower hot, go over to the basin, splash cold water on your face, enjoy a nice hot shower and then start your day. It seriously works.

Music Is Soul Food

There is no greater gift than the sound of music. It doesn’t matter if your taste is bang on trend, underground, emerging, dated or decidedly dodgy, waking up to music is the greatest way to wake up ever. So put on that playlist packed full of your favorite tunes, tap your feet and then get up and dance like noone is watching. Go crazy, go wild, laugh and smile and take your music with you to the kitchen, the bathroom, the wardrobe. Everywhere and anywhere. Why not get yourself on Spotify and enjoy a different style of music every day; it could be that you are a massive jazz fan, you just never knew it.

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Azanah Khadduri

Friday 3rd of March 2017

Great ideas! Coffee tends to make me feel too anxious so I love tips like these!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.