How To Wear Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans have become a fashion staple because they go with everything. They always look great, especially, when matched with a good pair of shoes.

Straight leg jeans are trending, particularly the cropped styles. The good news is, these styles look great with ankle boots!

And you don’t have to work quite as hard to find the right combination of length of jeans and height of ankle boots.

While there are so many styles of ankle boots and so many styles of jeans that it can be hard figuring out how to style your ankle boots, we’ve got the scoop on straight jeans just for you!

First Pick the Right Straight Leg Jeans

You want a pair of straight leg jeans that are on the slim/straight side. You’ll want to look for a more narrow cut as opposed to a wider, looser cut of straight leg jeans.

Here are some styles of straight jeans I have found:

Second Find The Length That Fits You

You’ll want to have length that hits just above your anklebone.

If you’re short you don’t want them to be too long and if you’re tall you dont wan’t them to be too short.

Make sure to find the length that fits you!

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans

 Cuff Your Jeans

If your jeans are a bit longer you will want to cuff them to the right length. If you don’t cuff your jeans they would otherwise bunch over your boot.

This is one of the easiest and popular ways to pair jeans with ankle boots.

The cuff should bring the lower edge of your jeans just above your ankle showing a small part of your skin between the boot and the jeans.

To cuff your jeans simply roll or turn up bits of the fabric at the end of the legs.

Pair these Extra High-Waisted Sky-Hi Straight Button-Fly Ripped Jeans from Old Navy with a Slouchy Crochet V-Neck Sweater and ankle booties.

Let Your Jeans and Your Boots Almost Meet

Of all the ways to wear ankle boots with straight leg jeans, letting your jeans and your ankle boots almost meet is probably the easiest option.

For this option do pick a boot height so that the top of your boots just almost touches the bottom of your jeans.

Don’t pick a boot that is too low and shows too much skin or too high because you our jeans will end up being bunched up at the bottom.

To complete this look cropped jeans are my go-to when trying to find the right link that doesn’t bunch over my boots. You won’t have to cuff your jeans because they are already short enough.

These Levi’s jeans are perfect and you can pair it with a T-shirt, jacket, and black booties!

Wear A Sock Boot

 A “sock boot” is a boot that has a boot shaft/top like a sock and is very fitted to your ankle and calf.

They typically go up a little higher on your leg as well. They are ideal to pair with a straight leg jean because they slip under your jeans perfectly!

Pair your favorite pair of straight jeans with a Moto Jacket and graphic tee. Then add your sock boots for an effortless look!

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the perfect companion to straight-leg jeans. They are simple, sleek, and flattering!

Here are some options for ankle boots to wear with straight jeans:

Now you’ve got the scoop on some different ways on how to wear ankle boots with straight leg jeans.

Don’t hesitate to try these looks because someone might start a trend!😁

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