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How Well Can You Marvel: 20 Tough Marvel Trivia Questions

Marvel avengers
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Are you the ultimate Marvel fan? Are you a master at trivia? This is for you! While moving through the questions, be sure to record your answers and compare them at the end. Remember to do your best, but above everything else, have fun. Good Luck!

Trivia Questions

  1. In the 2002 film, who was Spider-Man’s opponent in the Cage Fight?
  2. What is The Invisible Woman’s real name?
  3. Finish the Iron Man quote. “I have a plan._______.”
  4. Who cuts Thor’s hair?
  5. In what year was Peter Quill abducted, and by who?
  6. True or false? The Punisher lives in New Jersey.
  7. Which actor played as the first Hulk?
  8. What are one of Deadpool’s abilities?
  9. In “Cloak and Dagger”, how long was Ivan Hess in a catatonic state?
  10. What is the name of Mystique’s son?
  11. What is Captain America’s shield made of?
  12. True or false? Ant-man can turn into an ant.
  13. What species is Goose the cat?
  14. How many children does Hawkeye have?
  15. Finish the quote. “That’s my secret Captain,__________.”
  16. How many claws does wolverine have?
  17. What is the name of the Queen of Wakanda?
  18. True or false? Rebel Wilson appeared in “Ghost Rider”.
  19. What was Stan Lee’s cameo in the 2000 film, “X-Men”?
  20. What species is venom?

Trivia Answers


  1. Bone Saw McGraw
  2. Susan Storm Richards
  3. “Attack”
  4. Stan Lee
  5. 1988, The Yondu Ravager Clan
  6. False, he lives in New York. In fact a lot of Marvel characters are based there.
  7. Bill Bixby
  8. Could’ve said healing factor, superhuman agility, reflexes or stamina.
  9. Eight years.
  10. Nightcrawler or Kurt Wagner
  11. Vibranium
  12. False, he can only shrink himself down to the size of an ant.
  13. An alien species called Flerken
  14. Three
  15. “I’m always angry”
  16. Six, three on each hand.
  17. Queen Ramonda
  18. True
  19. A hot dog vendor.
  20. Symbiote

Hope you enjoyed this little Marvel quiz! Tell us how you did in the comments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.