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Hulu’s ‘Prey’ is a Savagely Gruesome Nightmare Worth Watching- Movie Review

Hulu’s Prey follows a young Comanche warrior who finds herself fighting against a more powerful creature than anything out in the wilderness. The highly evolved predator desires to be the top species, hunting humans for sport. But the skilled warrior goes after the creature in order to keep her tribe alive.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, critics are raving about this gruesome nightmare of a film that seems to nearly measure up to the quality of the original Predator movie in the franchise.

Here’s the scoop on the latest film, Prey!

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Bringing Back the Predator

Just like many other movie franchises, Predator has garnered quite the fanbase due to the iconic creatures that make the audience both scared and intrigued. Besides a man that kills you in your dreams, or a killer coming after you in a ski mask, the Predator films center around extraterrestrial beings who are intelligent with special abilities. Many fans of the collection to this day are not able to come to an agreement on which movie they liked the most, but the original 1987 film, Predator usually takes the crown due to the nostalgic gore-infested scenes that shape it as a classic in the sci-fi and thriller genre.

What makes Prey different from the rest of the movies in the franchise is the personal story involving Native Americans. Although the Comanche tribe is a big aspect of the movie, there is a clear balance between the traditions of the tribe and the intensely thrilling scenes by the Predator.

Fierce Tribal Girl

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The young warrior, Naru, has her heart set on saving her people to the point where she traverses out into the dangerous wilderness to hunt for food alone. However, she is not taken seriously by her brother and the rest of the tribe. Naru seems to reach her limit when she tries to hunt a lion, but she slowly learns that a creature much more dangerous is on the hunt for her tribe.

Prey perfectly captures stereotypes and traditions that stem from Native American cultures. Naru manages to break away from the belief that women can only cook and bear children. That is not to say that some tribes allowed women to hunt and fish, but Prey brings to life a girl who not only carries those skills but seems to hold more courage than her male counterparts.

Survival Game

Itsee in Prey
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From the moment that Naru comes across the creature, she starts to acquire knowledge about its hunting patterns. Stemming from Native American traditions, she finds herself in tune with the predator’s behavior as it works to eradicate every threat in its path. Naru works against the expectations of the predator after targeting her as prey. This game of survival begins lightly but very well becomes the highlight of the film’s intensity besides the bloody battle of nearby invaders. The audience can’t help but support Naru in finding a way to kill the DNA-engineered military personnel creature.

Intense Scenes

Naru and the Predator
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At the beginning of the film, the audience is lured into the Comanche tribe and the mysterious girl who hunts with her intelligent dog companion. The scenes aren’t stolen with intensity till Naru begins to uncover a few clues about the predator.

Prey draws in more of a focus on what happens when an advanced extraterrestrial species comes across a powerful creature like a bear. What looks like a movie with an otherworldly creature killing animals and humans on the surface turns out to be an intense showdown between a girl who wants to save her people and a creature looking for dominance.

Final Thoughts

Predator in Prey
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Fans of the Predator film franchise will thoroughly enjoy this gruesome hidden gem. However, if you’re just now tuning into the iconic predator movies, you might find Prey to be a little more than you bargained for in the gore section. However, the Hulu film flawlessly directs your attention to the Comanche tribe and how far they’re willing to go to survive. Prey may be one of the top contenders in sci-fi movies this year.

Watch Prey exclusively on Hulu on August 5th!

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