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‘I am Groot’ Spin-off is an Adorable Series for the Whole Family- Review

The next Marvel Studios series to come to Disney+ is a collection of shorts featuring the fan-favorite character from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot. Vin Diesel will return as the voice behind the titular character for this adorable spin-off.

The series follows Baby Groot as he sets out on his cosmic adventures. With the first five episodes to be released on August 10th, critics are already thoroughly entertained as they patiently wait for the next five episodes to come out in the near future.

Here’s the scoop on the short series, I am Groot!

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Baby Groot in the Spotlight

Shown in the comics and the MCU, Baby Groot takes center stage in the entertaining yet dark series. For fans of the character that debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this collection of shorts accurately portrays Baby Groot in a hilarious and mischievous way. Every episode released so far offers a new perspective that answers questions about the origin of Groot.

Even though Groot is not the central focus of Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel movies, he seems to have garnered the attention that most side characters have yet to achieve. Through his comic relief and limited dialogue, Groot has made a significant impact on Marvel fans.

Origin of the Character

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The original character created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber was depicted as a deadly alien who captures humans for experimentation. The modern version of the human-tree hybrid is vastly different than the alien antagonist. He goes by Groot but his scientific name, Flora colossus, describes his appearance and language. From Planet X, the human-tree hybrid has the ability to regenerate, control planets, and absorb wood for food. Although there are many different origin stories about Groot, the character is a beloved asset when it comes to entertaining scenes.

Ties into the MCU

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Most of the episodes released so far take place on a ship in a futuristic universe, but there is no direct evidence that Groot’s adventures play into the major parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there is a brief scene where Rocket Raccoon will make his appearance. Follow along as Groot explores both land and space.

Final Thoughts

I am Groot
© 2022 MARVEL.

I am Groot is the perfect series to watch with family and friends even with a few dark moments sprinkled throughout. The animated series offers a deeper look into Groot’s personality while also retaining the humor captured in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. If you don’t watch this series more than once, count on your kids to be continuously entertained by this cute character.

Watch I am Groot exclusively on Disney+ on August 10th!

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i am groot series review

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