On the Go Snacking Made Easy With Lorissa’s Kitchen

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Sometimes it is not easy to find the motivation I need to get up and get to the gym. We all have days where we would rather stay on the couch, binge watch Netflix and just avoid our workouts all together. Normally, my workouts consist of running and rowing classes. You can guarantee I don’t always have the motivation, time or energy to run or row, but I have found a solution to these problems. With the help of Lorissa’s Kitchen, I now have the energy and fuel I need to do a quick workout and continue with my work day.
I am made of a lot of things. I work, I have a social life and I also try to work out daily. I take rowing classes which takes a lot of energy. Lorissa’s Kitchen provides that energy for me. Whether I eat a Korean Barbeque Beef Steak Strip, or a Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Cut after, I always feel recharged and ready to continue with my busy schedule. Their protein snacks are perfect because I can just grab, eat and go.
Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks are also high-quality snacks. These meat snacks are made with the highest quality meats that are raised without antibiotics. You are getting 100 percent meat, 100 percent of the time! Lorissa’s Kitchen prides themselves in carefully selecting the ingredients so you know what you are eating, no secrets attached. Add these yummy snacks to your diet by shopping Lorissa’s Kitchen on Amazon and use the code: 20OFFLK to get 20% off your order!
We are made of what we eat and drink. Lorissa’s Kitchen knows and understands that so they focus on providing us with high-quality meat snacks. Their beef is grass-fed which is beneficial to the animals and the consumers. By eating grass, they have a more natural diet and, in turn, we receive benefits as well. Some benefits include more cancer-fighting conjugated linoleum acid, omega-3s and several others.
Lorissa’s Kitchen is the healthy energy boost I need throughout the day. I am proud to be made of running, rowing and now Lorissa’s Kitchen’s protein snacks. I stay fueled all day and love being able to have a variety of flavors. Between the Original Beef Steak Strips, Korean Barbeque Beef Steak Strip and Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Cuts, there is a flavor for everyone. Find out more about what Lorissa’s Kitchen is made of, here

With the help of Lorissa’s Kitchen, I have learned it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters what you’re made of and now I’m made of Lorissa’s Kitchen.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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