Idle Sleep Mattress Review: Affordable & Comfortable

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Sinking into your mattress? Feeling uncomfortable? Well, we have the perfect product for you. Idle Sleep offers a revolution in foam mattresses.

What is Idle Sleep?

Idle Sleep is a mattress store that sells mattresses, adjustable base, foundation base, sheets, mattress protector, and pillows. All Idle Mattresses are proudly made in the USA. The factory is also family-owned and operated. The mattresses are ship from the factory partners in Illinois and South Carolina. They have been since 2017 and the factory since the ’70s.

What to Know…

The king mattress offers 14” of cooling technology, preventing falling into your mattress, and any night time sweats. Idle Mattress provides great quality at a great price. To prove this, they allow a full 18-months risk-free trial, as well as a warranty that lasts a lifetime. Fulfilling the great price, Idle mattresses will be shipped free of charge right to your front door.

It has a long last to it with the current flippable technology. This meaning that once you feel you have worked your mattress in, you can flip it to the other side and start fresh with extra comfort. This gives an everyday feeling like a new start. Because several people have different preferences on what comfort is to them, Idle Sleep offers the option to chose firmness. Your mattress can range from all different levels with this feature.

Mattress Review

They are built to exceed standards. The double-sided mechanism is amazing. It gives the mattress double life and stays comfortable throughout the years of use. Several mattresses when I looked didn’t have the double-sided technology and were still crazy priced. The Idle Sleep has a great lifespan and I know I am getting a great price. It has helped with comfort and sleep duration greatly. The unboxing process is so simple. It comes inside of a cardboard box, once it is unwrapped and taken out it will expand into the size you purchased. You can’t go wrong with any of their options, I highly suggest King Idle Plush!


On top of getting a perfect fit king mattress, the company offers several benefits. Those include:

  • 18 Month Risk-Free Trial
  • Warranty Without End
  • Free Shipping
  • Contactless Delivery with safety in mind for Covid-19
  • Flexible Financing
  • Free Returns

Current Deals

I know you are going to love the Idle Mattress just as much as I do and lucky for you I have a great deal for you. You can score 50% Off Any Foam Mattress + 2 Free Pillows.

Idle Sleep is such an amazing brand that they also are there for you even if you are unhappy with your mattress Idle Sleep is offering a pick up free of charge, along with free returns. I have been sleeping it on it for over a month now and I am just so impressed with the mattress! I definitely recommend you give Idle sleep a try!

Head over to Idle Sleep to begin your journey of perfect sleeping. The mattress will exceed your standards. Plus, don’t forget to click here to shop and get 50% Off Any Foam Mattress + 2 Free Pillows.

Disclosure: I was provided with a mattress in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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