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Idris Elba is a “Beast” – Movie Review

Is Beast referring to the lion terrorizing his family or Idris Elba? The jury is still out.

Beast (2022)

If you have read my reviews before, you know that I have a type. I love ridiculous movies. The more nonsensical, the better. Of course, I love the prestige, Academy Award winning fare, but more than anything, I love movies that make me go, “huh?” and “what?”

With this in mind, you can imagine my excitement when I saw the trailer for Beast and it ended with Idris Elba punching a lion. Not shooting, kicking, or otherwise defending himself like most people would. Elba punched the lion. It was both a baffling stinger at the end of a trailer and the moment that sealed the deal: I would be seeing Beast in theaters.

When Dr. Nate Samuels takes his two daughters on a vacation to see where he and their mom met, they encounter something entirely different. They become stranded and are then hunted by a lion. That’s it. That’s the premise. A simple, but solid one.

Not as Fun as You Would Hope

The movie is about the same. A simple, but solid one. Beast does not quite deliver on the insanity that its trailer promises. In fact, it is much more straight-forward than I anticipated. It does not have the bonkers decision making of movies like Deep Blue Sea or Anaconda – two movies that are in the Ridiculous Movies Hall of Fame – which probably makes it a better film, but in this case, it also makes it a less enjoyable one.

Idris Elba in Beast (2022)

To his credit, Idris Elba keeps the movie entertaining. Although I would have liked for him to let loose a bit, he plays the stoic dad role well. In such an outlandish situation, he grounds the movie in unexpected ways. For me, that was kind of the detriment to my enjoyment but I could see that as being a positive for others, who prefer their movies to take place in some sort of reality.

Although Beast is not as entertaining as I was hoping it would be, I still enjoyed watching it for the most part. It has its moments where it dabbles in absurdity but for the most part, it is a straight-forward survival tale. If that interests you, you could do a lot worse than Beast.

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