I’m Going to Disney World for the Toy Story 4 Press Junket

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I am so excited to share that I’ll be attending the Toy Story 4 press junket in Orlando. I’ll get to interview the stars of the movie, check out Toy Story land and so much more. I grew up loving Toy Story so you better believe I am excited to how Toy Story 4 all comes together.

Not only will I get to screen Toy Story 4, but during the junket we get to interview the voices of the characters. The interview include; Tom Hanks  (voice of “Woody”), Tim Allen (voice of “Buzz Lightyear”), Annie Potts (voice of “Bo Peep”), Keanu Reeves (voice of “Duke Caboom”), Christina Hendricks (voice of “Gabby Gabby”) and Tony Hale (voice of “Forky”). Speaking of Forky check out my post on how you can make your own.

We will also be interviewing director Josh Cooley and producers Jonas Rivera & Mark Nielsen. Make sure to let me know if you have any specific questions for anyone and I’ll do my best to get answers.

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TOY STORY 4 opens in theatres everywhere on June 21st!

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  1. hi sarah — what a fun reason to go to Disney World! would love you to ask any/all of the cast the following questions: 1) what was your childhood toy you liked most (and do you still have it?); 2) what childhood toy did you always want in childhood but didn’t get until you were an adult (for me, it was a troll doll); 3) as an adult, do you have any toys (keep it clean!) in your house AND/OR in your car (full disclosure: I drive with several dashboard navigators, and I have stuffed animals to help my acupuncture patients during their treatment by propping up patients’ hands, knees, or heads). 4) are toys important to our well-being? (I know my answer, it reflects my bias. I am PRO-toy — but what about the adults who voice them?)

  2. Here with my daughter and her friend and (celebrating graduation) and got a glimpse of the cast a couple hours ago. I hope we cross paths with them again today! Enjoy!

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