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Important Things To Know About Vaccines

Millions of people have been wondering if they should take the vaccine to combat the coronavirus once it’s made. There is a group of people that believe vaccines make you sick and thus, should be avoided. Well, they fundamentally don’t understand how vaccines work. Yes, they make you sick, but they’re supposed to! The vaccine will have a weakened dose of the virus inside it, but it will have antibodies and other chemicals that trigger a rapid and strong response by your own immune system to make more of the antibodies and antigens to combat the virus. But, at the same time, they do have a point. Vaccines are a topic of discussion that keeps coming up for a reason.

Woman sick with the flu

Vaccines are not blanket solutions

Firstly, let’s get rid of the notion that vaccines are easy to administer. No, they’re not because if you think about it, how on earth can one type of strength, work or heal people of different races, ages, weights, health levels, and immune systems? It’s just impossible. So, most likely, safe vaccines will take many years to develop and they will need extensive testing. 

Right now, the leading vaccines in the world, to combat this virus, are coming out of Oxford University and some pharmaceutical companies in America. Apparently, data is not being shared, which can mean that the leading vaccines could have different ingredients and different reactions to patients. 

A past that’s not so clear

If you look at the history of vaccines, it’s not been the clearest. This is what you should know. Some vaccines have had mercury as part of their ingredients. Review more here and check out the kind of motives that could be behind this. Some say that because the human population is so large, some unknown and powerful players could be behind the motivation to limit the population by weakening our immune systems as mercury is known to do this. Mercury has also been linked to autism and some communities have suffered from this without being heard by the majority of the population. Nothing is a silver bullet to any illness, which is why vaccines should never be given a holy crown to wear as if they were the end-all and be all.

What should you do?

This is the toughest question thus far, in this pandemic. Should you take the vaccine once it’s been made? What if you’re forced to? What if you don’t want your children to take it, could the government enforce you to do so? The bottom line is, this is up for discussion. Times are changing and the people are not as free as they once were. We all have to make up our own minds, by doing research and most importantly, keeping an open mind. 

We need to be vigilant and have an open mind to the vaccines that are being developed. Be patient and read the studies of their trials and engage in debate with as many people interested in this question as you are. Vaccines can be good, but they’re not the holy grail. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.