The ‘Incredibles 2’ Cast Looks Fabulous, Darling!

It’s time to catch up with the Parr family and meet some new faces! Disney & Pixar gave us new information about who will be in Incredibles 2. We have to say, both the cast and character art look fabulous, darling!

Holly Hunter returns as incredibly-stretchy Helen/Elastigirl. The sequel is about Helen embracing her life as a heroine, and having her own super adventures.

Craig T. Nelson once again voices Bob/Mr. Incredible. Bob got back into life as a superhero during Incredibles, but now he’s learning how to be a super stay-at-home dad.

Sarah Vowell reprises her role was Violet. The eldest Parr sibling gained confidence in herself and her powers of invisibility and force-fields during Incredibles. We’re so excited to see what Violet can do now.

Introducing Huckleberry “Huck” Milner as Dash, the fastest Parr. Dash was always a bit of a troublemaker. Now that Bob’s home full-time, we bet he’ll definitely give him a run for his money.

We’re happy to share that Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone aka Lucius Best is back! He’ll continue to help the Parr family and save the world. Let’s hope he’s found his super suit!

Director Brad Bird’s Edna Mode returns. You can bet the designer of all incredible super outfits has new masterpieces up her sleeve.

Rick Dicker, voiced by Jonathan Banks, kept identities secret in the Super Relocation Program. Unfortunately, he’s without a job in Incredibles 2. What will the Supers do?

We also get four new characters!

Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener voice Winston and Evelyn Deavor, a brother and sister duo with a communications company. Evelyn is super smart and Winston just loves Supers.

Sophia Bush voices Voyd, a #1 fan of Elastigirl. She has superpowers and wants to be a big name Super.

Isabella Rossellini is Ambassador. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? She takes her position as an ambassador seriously and wants to support Supers with legislation.

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