10 Entertainment Ideas for When You’re Stuck Indoors

It is not surprising if your couch has become your best friend now that there’s less to do outside. If you’re a social butterfly, then you’re probably almost always bored out of your mind. But don’t be so distraught! There’s more you can do indoors than you think. It all boils down to opening up to the possibility of having an adventure right in your home. Now that you’re ready, take a look at these ten indoor entertainment ideas to pass the time.

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Take to the screens

Of course, you’re surrounded by screens from your phone to your tv, and it seems the shows never end. It is the easiest thing to keep you entertained (and indeed they are entertaining). But don’t make it so dull. Switch up your subscriptions and streaming services. Each of them has very different genres of shows and movies to watch. Try watching something different like animal videos, because many of them are not only fascinating but also educational.

For a heightened experience, you can use a projector. It doesn’t matter whether you’re alone or with roommates because the wide screen experience will still be so much better. You can also stream a concert by your favorite artists that you’ve not seen yet and have the time of your life. Some of them even have live shows on social media that you can get into. No matter what, the screens will continue to be a significant source of entertainment, and so it wouldn’t be realistic to put them down altogether.

Read a good book

Yes, it may sound boring, but don’t throw it out just yet. Reading is a classic source of indoor entertainment. If you have a wild or vivid imagination, then you are in for an incredible ride. Books give you the chance to create your own characters and your own setting based on descriptions. Some books also provide very detailed descriptions and features that you’ll not have to do much work with imagining. You can also get to read those books which have movies on them to figure out what the differences are. It’ll be so much fun, and you may find that you even prefer the book to the film.

Apart from the fiction and story-telling books, you can also get into self-help or motivational books to get your head in the right space. They will help you keep in touch with your self-actualization personality so that staying home doesn’t make you too lazy.

Start a social media page for your pet

No, it’s not silly, and you might even find it very exhilarating. Social media is one of those things you cannot get enough of anyway, so why not share it with your pet? Introduce them to an audience and see how much love they receive. Pets with social media pages are one of the cutest things you’ll see on the internet. You can try Instagram or Twitter and share pictures of your pet with the world. You will have a load of fun, and it’ll bring you closer to your pet. It’ll be your fun thing to do together while indoors.

Learn to dance

Dancing is a great indoor entertainment idea. It might be nice to learn a few new moves once you have all that spare time indoors. But before you do that, spend quality time dancing anyhow you like. Put your favorite songs on and just go off like no one is watching because no one is. And then if you are not too tired, join an online class, or watch a simple tutorial video on how to dance. Social media is an excellent place to know all the latest dance moves that you can choose from. If you don’t have some yet, then get some speakers or noise-canceling headphones to enhance your experience. You can even start a dance party with your friends online or with roommates if you have some. It can be something you guys do together as a way to stay connected to each other. Plus, all that exercise is right for your body, and you can throw in a few workouts to kill two birds with one stone.

Get into a podcast

This is the next best thing after entertainment on screens when you’re stuck inside. You can listen to podcasts while you do chores and other things around the house. There are so many topics that podcasts cover, and you can find some of the best true crime podcasts to while away the time. If you have never been into podcasts, then this is your chance. You’ll be amazed at how intriguing it can get, and you might be hooked. It’s an excellent way to get away from the screens, giving your ears some stimulation as well. You can also get an audiobook to replace hardcopy books if you are not a keen reader.

Use your kitchen

If you haven’t been someone to spend time in the kitchen, then you can use your time stuck indoors to explore that space. If you already have, then you can try out some new recipes. Do you see all those delicious-looking meals that seem amazing but you have never tried? This is your chance to acquire those skills! And who knows where you might need them. You can try some home-friendly alternatives to some of your regulars like coffee as well, and it doesn’t always have to be fancy. Whether you have roommates or you can invite some friends over, it will be impressive to show them your skills once in a while.

Do some writing

It will be nice to put some words down, whether for personal reasons or others. Journaling is not only a great indoor entertainment activity, but it’s also a way to remain sane and get your creative juices flowing. Aside from the traditional method of journaling, you can look into creating photo journals and even a vision board. You can start a blog for fun now, which can turn into something profitable later. Somebody might need to hear what you have to say, so it is not such a bad idea. There are so many topics you can get into, and when you feel like it, you can branch out later.

In addition to this type of writing, you can also look at writing reviews on some of your favorite e-commerce websites. If you have never considered writing about your experience with a product, then you can try it now. You’ll be helping a whole bunch of other consumers while making fair use of the time. That’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do some cleaning

This next one can’t really be called an indoor entertainment idea. And you may have already heard this one thousand times. However, you’ll listen to it again because it is time. The mess has got to go, now more than ever, because you have the time. Not only should you clean out your physical environment, but your phone and computer as well. Are you keeping apps that are of no use anymore? Then it has to go! You’ll have a pretty good time discovering things you thought you had lost, and you can now organize them so that you never lose them again. You’ll also find some old pictures that’ll bring up some memories and delete others to make room for more memories. It is also the best time to fix all those things you put on hold until later.

Learn to play an instrument

If you’re into music, then this one can help you find your inner artist. Find one instrument that you’ve always wanted to master and use the new-found time stuck indoors to cross that from your list. Think about the private shows you can hold for your friends and family once you get that done. Apart from an instrument, you can also work on your vocals or even songwriting. It may be time to work on your creative and artistic side now that you are indoors. There’s a lot of material that you can use without paying much if you’ll pay anything at all.

Go window-shopping online

There is something about having nobody watching that allows you to browse through items freely. Whenever you’re in-store, the pressure you get from store assistants, and other customers can make it difficult for you to relax and shop. Online shopping takes away that stress and tension while giving you, even more, to look at. You’ll be amazed by the things that are selling online these days, and it is quite interesting to see. You’ll get way more satisfaction from your online window shopping, comparing prices, etc. for things you’re probably not going to buy. After all, there is no one to convince you to purchase anything.

There’re endless possibilities regarding what to do indoors, and if you’re determined, you can thoroughly enjoy it, so much so that you end up forgetting what the outside feels like. That’s not to say that you should become an indoor person entirely. In fact, you can still take a walk once a while around your home to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy nature. But it’s refreshing to know that when you’re back indoors, it’s not going to be dull.

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