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Interview: Amanda Schull from Hallmark Channel’s “Project Christmas Wish”

Credit: Crowne Media / Hallmark Channel

Actress Amanda Schull joined the Sarah Scoop Show to share the scoop on her new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movie, “Project Christmas Wish!” She talks about what it was like working with the cast, shares advice for aspiring actors, and much more! Watch the interview below:

“Project Christmas Wish”

Credit: Crowne Media / Hallmark Channel

In the movie Amanda plays the role of Lucy, a woman who grants Christmas wishes in her small town. Amanda discusses what it was like being in a Hallmark movie. She talks about how many of her fans reach out to her about her roles in Hallmark Christmas movies. Amanda goes on to say that it’s “always really heartwarming…when people… get so excited about a future project, and I get to share that with them.” She also talks about how she fell in love with the script for “Project Christmas Wish.” Amanda talked about how she would turn to her husband while reading the script and say, “it’s really funny, I really like it!”

Credit: Crowne Media / Hallmark Channel

The Cast

Amanda loved working alongside the cast of “Project Christmas Wish.” When asked about co-star Travis Van Winkle, Amanda said, “Travis…is as delightful off camera as he is on camera.” She goes on to talk about how Travis even brought his dog to work every day! She also talked about co-star Averie Peters, who plays Travis’ character’s daughter in the movie. Amanda said, “Averie… was an absolute delight, and I am certain we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.”

Amanda’s Beginnings in Acting

Amanda shared her journey to acting, revealing that she actually began her career in Ballet! Amanda began dance at the early age of 3, including both Ballet and Musical Theatre. She goes on to say that “around high school age is when I realized to be a Ballet dancer you kind of have to commit to that completely.” Amanda later said that while she knew acting was what she wanted to be doing as her career, she knew she needed to complete her “ballet life” before committing to acting. Watch the full interview to learn more about Amanda’s career journey!

Credit: Crowne Media / Hallmark Channel

Advice for Rising Actors

Amanda discusses how acting is a very competitive career field. Her advice for those who are hoping to become actors is to start taking acting classes! She talks about how acting classes helps aspiring actors form an understanding of the career field. Amanda says that acting classes are what helped her when she had first moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of becoming an actor.

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Katrina Bennett, “Suits”

One of the roles Amanda is most known for is her role of Katrina Bennett in the USA Network drama “Suits.” When asked about the character, Amanda said, “She’s fun. I really enjoyed Katrina Bennett.” She goes on to say, “I auditioned for Suits…at least ten times before Katrina Bennett came along.” Another fascinating fact Amanda revealed to us is that Katrina Bennett was only supposed to be a 3-episode character! Amanda says that her first contract with “Suits” was only for 3 episodes. This eventually turned into 8 seasons, with Katrina Bennett becoming a series regular in the last 2 seasons.

Tune in on December 20th to watch “Project Christmas Wish” starring Amanda Schull, Travis Van Winkle, and Averie Peters on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel!

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