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Interview: Chris Rankin from Panto Live’s Cinderella and Harry Potter

The Sarah Scoop Show had the opportunity to speak with actor Chris Rankin about his role as the fairy godfather in Panto Live’s innovative production of “Cinderella”. Chris told us all about this unique way to reach and interact with audiences during the pandemic. He even shared on his many amazing producing projects including “Downton Abbey”. Plus, Chris told us what he took from the “Harry Potter” set!

Photo Credit: Panto Live

Panto Live’s Cinderella

Photo Credit: Panto Live

“The thing that makes it really unique and really special is that it is a full-blown musical production but with an awful lot of audience participation. So the audience is encouraged to join in.”

– Chris Rankin

Fantastic Chris and Where to Find Him

“My part is the magical fairy godfather to Cinderella. My concentration in the story is all about making sure that Cinderella gets everything that her heart desires and everything that she deserves…it’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve really enjoyed being sparkly for once rather than all dark and mysterious. The costume is fabulous. It’s glittery and sparkly. I get wings!”

– Chris Rankin

Green Screen Godfather

“It is hard work working with the green screen because…there’s nothing there, but in some senses that allows you to imagine whatever you want is there. In some ways that’s even more liberating and freeing than having this beautiful set…in a green screen…you can imagine to your heart’s content and I think in some ways helps a performance. It’s fun. It’s a challenge.”

– Chris Rankin

Harry Potter Memories

“When I got that I was 16 years old and just finishing my exams at the end of high school and was very, very lucky to be the right ginger kid in the right place at the right time. Without Harry Potter, goodness only knows what I’d be doing now…I certainly don’t think I’d have thought I’d still be talking about Harry Potter 20 years later, but it’s a huge relief that we are…It continues to capture people’s imaginations.” 

– Chris Rankin

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