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Interview: George Igoe from Million Stories

George Igoe from Million Stories joined The Sarah Scoop Show to chat all about traveling on a budget. A Million Stories is a platform that focuses on financial literacy through online content.

George has his own series on the platform called “George Goes Everywhere” which shows him traveling on a $100 a day budget. George gave us some tips and tricks of knowing how to travel on a budget.

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Traveling on a Budget

When chatting with George, he gave some advice and tips on when someone wants to travel on a budget.

“I think it shows that if you put some work in before hand and do a little research, and discover stuff that is a little more off the beaten path not as touristy, you can have fun without breaking the bank and if you open yourself up to different things that you normally don’t do in your hometown that’ll just give you more options for affordable fun.”

Going deeper than just the first page of google or tripadvisor can help individuals find fun things that may not be well known. “Atlas Obscura is a great resource. It’s a website that kind of catalogs the kooky things in a location.” 

“George Goes Everywhere” is a YouTube series where George shows how to travel with a $100 a day budget.

Worried About Giving Budget Traveling a Shot

There isn’t anything wrong with traveling on a budget as long as you are open to different experiences. There could be a famous restaurant that you want to try but there is a good chance you won’t get out of there with a bill under $100.

If you do some research, you can find different restaurants that are cheaper with the same quality of food as the more expensive place. Even though it may not be as famous, it can still bring out new experiences.

Traveling Solo

George also gave some tips for anyone who is traveling solo. When traveling alone, don’t stay longer than you need. If you stay for a week solo, it could end up getting lonely.

“I like to travel fast, which is three days in the city, maybe four if it’s a really big city. Maybe even two. I think if you stay for a week or something, when you’re solo, you will probably get bored and lonely or at least I have.” 

Also, it is a good idea to have something planned everyday that you are there. Discovering different things and having fun is good because it is a part of the experience but it shouldn’t be your whole trip. You want to fill up most of your time in the city to get a full experience. 


Future Plans

When asked about future seasons of the show, George said that another season is in talks but they don’t have set locations quite yet. The new season will feature the western half of the U.S. Since COVID is still going around, it is hard to plan that far ahead. 

Whether you are traveling near or far, there is always a way you can travel and get a great experience on a budget. Following some of the tips and tricks from George can help individuals have a great experience while being on a budget. If you have ideas on where George should travel, find him @george.igoe and let him know.

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